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I was just thinking...are black children murderable?

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Why is it so easy to kill black children?

Watching the George Zimmerman murder trial I see the same thing happening over and over, how little black life is valued.  George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin on a rainy February evening and it took the police 44 days to arrest Mr. Zimmerman and charge him with a crime. Why?

We live in a system that has categorized human beings as one worthy of life and ones worthy of death. We live in a society where it is open season on the black family and black men in particular. Although the most powerful man in the western world is genetically black or African-American, it makes no difference. His psychological and literal hands are tied behind his back as if he were handcuffed.

Mr. Zimmerman on that rainy night took a gun and followed this young man, shooting him to death and later after 44 days claimed self-defense. Mr. Zimmerman left his house with a gun, followed this young man and after calling 9112 and they told him to leave the boy alone, he took it upon himself to continue to follow him and then shoot him.

How is this possible in a land that brags about the equality of all?

Because it does not matter if you are a president or a child going to the neighborhood store for an Arizona Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles your life is in danger because of the hatred wrought by the system of White Supremacy.

There is a system in this world that has been set in place for the protecting and advancement of those who have called themselves White.

Racism is Prejudice plus Power- without the people to take the prejudice and put it in a position to effects the lives of others then it is simple just prejudice.

White supremacy is the system that keeps power in the hands of white people to promote their genetic survival. One component of this system is to make the victim believe his is the problem.