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Religion is EVIL and should be banned to save our world

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1. Cannibalistic blood drinking and flesh eating practices


2. It contributes to low self-esteem, burden your mind with a hefty load of false notions, rob you of your independent thought, steal your conscious development, retards your spiritual growth,


3. Terrible lost of identity to some "sweet" talker philosophy that can drive you to be a war monger, a killer and hater of your neighbor. Religions are very effective at turning human beings into zombies Religion is the powerful instruments of human social conditioning. Members of Religious organizations do anything their "masters" command


4. Religious “truths” are inherently rooted ... in "he say she say” the" bible say" "God say" and every one else in between.  Your "truth" arises from the limitations of trying to understand.

Obedience training

Control your entire life...this means all generation that springs from your line. Religion is use and abuse, to commercialized and monetized. Religion conditioning that makes you weak and docile, and then they got you where they want you no escape from then forwards it is an oppressive system.

 Imagine you cannot speak to your own creator in private? If you want to talk to God, and then communicate directly do not use “third-parties” intermediaries. Surely God has no need of an interpreter. Why the screaming at God for him to answer you?

The truth is that so-called religious authorities don’t know any more about God, the Creator or spirituality more than you do.  What is for sure they do know and practice is the art of manipulating your fear and uncertainty for their own benefit