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Rome/Catholic Church killed Jesus then worship him as Lord

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 Rome/Catholic Church killed Yeshua/Jesus then worship him as savior and Lord       The Roman drove out their Etruscan ruler in 509 B.C. this date is traditionally  marked as the founding of the Roman dictatorship republic. Rome's aim was to increase power by pillage and conquest of other nations.Rome was a polytheism culture, but things changed once they invaded and captured Judea and Jerusalem in 63 B.C. Something caused Rome to kill a Jewish man named Yeshua, for sedition--and then began to worship Yeshua as Jesus Christ, the savior and Lord. Here are the facts from Prentice Hall World History   (1)  By 63 B.C., Rome conquered Judea, where most Jews of the time lived.  (2)  Jews were devoted to their monotheistic traditions. In that case, Rome excused Jews from worshipping Roman gods. (3) In 66 A.D. Jewish hot discontent turns into turmoil, Roman forces crushed Jews and their temple. In the next revolt a century later, Rome leveled Jerusalem. (4) Yeshua/Jesus' teachings were firmly rooted in Jewish Tradition. (5) Jewish priest felt Yeshua/Jesus challenged their leadership. To Rome, Yeshua was a revolutionary who might lead the Jews in a rebellion against Roman rule. (6) When did Rome know they killed the Lord and savior Yeshua/Jesus at the center of Catholic worship?