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Your Caregiving Journey


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Your Caregiving Journey, with Denise Brown of, delves into discussions about your caregiving situations. Each week, we'll tackle a topic related to the challenges of caring for a family member or friend.

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Chris, who cares for her husband, joins me to share about her holiday and how she's managing her husband's care.

Holly, who cares for her husband, updates us on how she and her husband are doing.

Join Denise and Bruce McIntyre, who cares for his wife, for a care break and share your favorite holiday tradition. About Bruce: Bruce lives to encourage and inspire as many people as possible, especially caregivers and those living with a... more

Trish, who cares for her brother while juggling a full-time job, will update us on how they're managing, including how they're managing the upcoming holidays.

You can lose so much during a caregiving experience--your time, your freedom, your friends, your hopes. With all those loses, you can start to feel really empty. So, how do you stay full? Join us for Care Break with Bruce McIntyre, who... more

Ellen Rogin, our wealthness expert, joins me to share her thoughts about giving and how to give within a budget.

Holly, who cares for her husband, will join us to update us on how they're doing. We'll also talk about Holly's plans for the upcoming holiday season.

Join Denise, Jane and Bruce McIntyre for another edition of Care Break. Today, they'll each share a gratitude. Please feel free to call and share yours.

LookingHeavenward, one of our members, joins Denise to talk about she used her CareGifters funds and about caring for her mom.

Join Denise and Bruce McIntyre for another edition of Care Break. In this show, they'll share their thoughts about the best caregiving emotion. Feel free to cal and share yours.