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Setting Goals for the New Year--6 Important Reasons

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Reflections on the past year what you've accomplished and what you need to grow personally in the future.

Goal setting is the first step toward successful goal achievement. It marks your first point toward success. It is what put your life into real action mode. Without this step, the other steps of goal achievement cannot take place


1. Gives Clarity On Your End Vision

How are you supposed to manifest what you want if you don’t even set concrete goals? How do you supposed to achieve your dreams and visions if you don’t clearly spell out the end output you desire?

2. Drives You Forward

Your goals are a representation of your inner desires; desires which motivate you in life. The point when you set goals marks one the points when you are most connected with your source of motivation. It is when your motivation is at its peak. Having goals at your side serve as constant reminders of your motivational sources. They are the fuel which drive you forward and keep you going when the going gets tough.

3. Gives You Laser Focus

4. Makes You Accountable

This accountability is accountability to yourself, not anyone else. This accountability is what you hold up to when you choose the healthy salad over that piece of fried chicken. It is what you answer to when you spent that hour working on your report rather than random web surfing. When you stay accountable toward your goals, you are in fact staying true to your desires.

5. Be The Best You Can Be

6. Live Your Best Life

Goals ensure you get the best out of life, for two reasons

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