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Why You Must Choose This Person Over Others

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You and I have the power of choice in our lives. We have the power to control our future, to own our days, to strive for success, and to take the right action every single minute of every single day to move closer to our goals.

The quicker that you realize that success is your personal responsibility and that you can't rely on anyone for anything, the sooner you will be free.

No one is going to do it for us... with "it" being anything that matters in life.

We choose our roles, our behavior, our habits, and our friends.

We choose our networks. We choose our attitudes.

We choose to change for the better or languish in disappointment.

We choose the easy way out ... or the hard way in.

It might take a family or monetary emergency, although I hope it doesn't. It might be by accident, you simply stumbling across a rabbit hole in life that leads to an eye opening seemingly chance encounter. Or it might be a general evolution, a slow revolt against the matrix, a gradual awareness that, "This is not how it has to be!"

And then you will start to question things.

"Am I doing the best I can with all that I have to give?"

"Am I living the life and creating the legacy that I have the potential to live?"

"Who are these so-called authorities and why should I believe what they say?"

You will learn to ask, analyze, and interrogate.

You will deep-dive into the construction of a new reality.

You will challenge the authorities in your life.

You will contest the status quo.

You will dispute the norm.

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