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How Helping Others Will Help You Get What You Wantr in Life

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Sally and Hank were dealing with "more money, more problems" in their rapidly growing business. The more revenue they generated, the more they were tempted to - and often did - take that money and add employees, invest in side projects, and fill office space, even though none of these directly contributed to the financial health of the business. Sally and Hank found themselves overwhelmed by the monster they had created

first by explaining to them how the President of the company has the authority to schedule his own lunch break. We set boundaries on how employees could contact him, and implemented a chain of command so that not every decision required his feedback

Second, they'd identify the top key employee that they needed to add. This one key hire should make a huge difference in their business.

Finally, I recommended Sally and Hank improve top-down communication within their team through a weekly team e-mail newsletter (much like the one I write to our Early To Rise team every Wednesday afternoon). The team newsletter will explain the company's vision, monitor the company's progress, and recognize employees that go above and beyond the call of duty. It will even highlight - rather than hiding - areas of concern in the business


Hank was slowly getting it. We systematized his day and freed up his time and energy. Next, I pointed out that they've never hired anyone smarter than them in their company and that all this stress was from trying to do everything himself. I challenged them to stop adding many junior team members and instead focus on finding a senior team member to help in the areas of finance or marketing. This would be another big step in freeing up Hank's time and energy.

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