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Do You Make This Mistake While Negotiating

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Most people think they're good at this skill, but in reality they make one simple mistake that ruins them. 

What skill am I talking about?


Most people, when faced with any negotiation, let their emotions rule.  That's the major mistake. If you let your emotions reign during a negotiation, I promise you will be crushed.  

But it's hard to remain calm especially when you're trying to get something that you really want. 

The worst thing you can do when negotiating is try to rush things. 
Don't forget that during your brief silence, the other person will feel just as uncomfortable as you.

After you collect your thoughts, compose your first sentence and speak it calmly and confidently.  Don't worry about moving fast.  If you do rush, it immediately sends the signal that you're nervous, scared and overwhelmed.  That's not the impression you want to make.

A calm tone and a slow pace is your friend here.

He simply stayed still.

And he spoke calmly, quietly and never rushed.

It's a rule in negotiations that if you lose your cool then you won't get the deal you want.

Stay calm and you'll be just fine.

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