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Building a Better Belief System

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Success all starts with you, your beliefs, and your ability to communicate properly with others.

Ever crossed signals with a friend and learned only after it was too late that you both unquestioningly assigned very different meanings to the exact same word; hence the confusion?

Truth itself is fact. It is neutral, without feeling. It's neither good nor bad...it just is. It may be viewed as good or bad depending upon the context, situation and people involved. For example, the truth is that gravity works. Good when keeping you from floating thousands of feet into the air against your wishes. Bad when falling out of a six-story building.

Our personal Belief System is a combination of upbringing, environment, schooling, news media, television, movies, internet, etc. Every experience our mind ever takes in. At times, these beliefs serve us well. All too often, however, they do not.

A very somber example is the person who grows up the child of an abusive relationship. In all likelihood, he or she knows this is not good; that it's an unhealthy way to live. Yet, it happens all too often that, as an adult, this person will go from one "bad" relationship to another?

Why? Because their Belief System says this is the "truth" about relationships. Without being conscious of this and taking definite steps to change, they will continually steer their way to their truth, according to their Belief System.

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