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Designing You Life

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We all want a better life. We all want a little more control over how the day goes, over what we do with our hours, and what we are able to achieve.

It begins by realizing that when it comes to the life you live, you have two choices. You can be PRO-active or you can be RE-active. You can either decide how it's going to go (pro-active), or you can leave it up to your surroundings to make that call for you (re-active).

As long as the work is self-directed and supports my vision, I'm willing to do just about anything to succeed. But if I judge the activity to be a waste of my time, I avoid it.

But once you get to that point, you still need to manage other people's expectations to minimize the frustration and resentment that they might have about the level of control you have over your schedule.

Finally, there are your own inner demons to deal with. I grew up relatively poor, wearing patches on the knees of my pants to grade school, and watching my parents save money by doing everything themselves. To them, money was not something that you could simply go out and get more of. These attitudes about money can both help and harm. It is good to be wise with your money, but not to let your relationship with money become an anchor opposing your progress.

When it comes to taking control over how you live the rest of your life, this is no time to hold back. You must first decide what is right for you, and then go after it with all of your energy.

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