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The Secret To Selling Yourself

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When you're in the business of working one-on-one with clients, you pretty much live and die by your ability to sell yourself.

When you're selling products, things are a bit different. With a product, it's a whole lot easier to distance yourself from the product and sell it in a more objective way.

When you're selling YOU, things are murkier. You've got your personality, your likes, dislikes, life story, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, desires and more all swimming around. Those things can be great assets, or they can mess with your head.

When you're selling you, pretty much everything comes down to attraction. Yes, you can hunt for clients, but I've discovered that you lose certain benefits by doing that. For me, what I lose isn't worth the benefits (mainly speed) I get in exchange--it's just not my preferred model.

You develop attraction by demonstrating what you know, by demonstrating who you know, by demonstrating what you are doing.

That's what free content is for... it's a tool to increase the power of your attraction field to thousands and thousands of potential prospects.

Selling is about engineering situations that prompt decisions. You don't care what the decision is as much as that one is made.

The truth is, we're all selling something, all the time. It's just that some people don't get it or are REALLY bad at it. So understand this:

The secret isn't NOT to sell, it's to make sure they know you don't need them to buy!

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