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Do You Say or Do You Go

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You have people who say they will do things, and people with little need for talking that just get on with the doing.

Why aren't there more doers?"

What It Takes to Be a "Doer"

What else are we here to do except to do what makes us fulfilled?

So why don't more people do what they really want to do?

Because They WILL Fail

Committing to what you want and taking action based on that really puts you in a position where it's going to be obvious to someone when you screw up.

Talking about your plans keeps you safe from ever having to experience that.

But if you can muster the courage to push through and become a doer, there's a nice surprise waiting for you on the other side.

I'd recommend you do both actually, provided you get the order right.

Go after what you want first, and then be accepting of what you get. Rinse and repeat.

Do what you want. Live life on your terms.

Start to act in the direction of your dreams.

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