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Living a Low Stress Life by Living Right

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Inner conflict causes stress. By contrast, leading a concentric life (i.e., one in which what you do matches up closely with what you believe in and what you say) brings harmony into your world. Harmony is directly related to how often you follow through and do what you know is right. Likewise, harmony is related to how often you demonstrate the self-discipline to refrain from doing that which you know is wrong.

Trying to get everyone to do things your way goes beyond stress. It's a frustrating, hopeless exercise that can drive a person mad. I know one wealthy individual, in particular, who long ago lost his ability to think rationally because of his frustration over not being able to force everyone around him to conform to his wishes.

I often refer to a principle that I call the Natural Law of Balance. In pointing out that the universe is in balance, I use such examples as electrons and protons, night and day, male and female, hot and cold, and life and death. The reality is that for every positive, there's an offsetting negative, and for every negative, there's an offsetting positive. Balance is the natural order of the universe.

Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous words: "For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness." The late Jim Blanchard was a great teacher for me in this respect. Jim was one of the most remarkable people I've ever known.

When you learn to control your thoughts, you establish the boundaries of negative influences upon your life. Remember, no matter how long a list of stress inhibitors you compile, your mental state will always be the most important factor when it comes to achieving peace of mind

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