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There are seven excellent and proven ways of marketing for business, especially when you work from home.  Today I want to share two of them with you so you can increase your sales and provide your customers with what they need.


Business entrepreneurs come to me for coaching help and the biggest problem seems to be how to find more customers.  I show them the seven best ways to double the exposure of their businesses so that people, who want what they have, can find them.


As a business student you should be learning how to maximize your exposure through at least seven different methods and if you’re going to put your time and hard work into these methods, they’d better pay off.  One of the best and quickest things you should be doing is to provide not only products, but services as well. 


Small business marketing is not difficult, once you know the how-to secrets.  Let me give you a real life stay at home business example.



Scott started a home based business selling health products he truly believes in that improves the over all physical well being of men and women.  So far, all he has is products.


Products are a great place to start, but he needs customers.  People are only going to find him if he markets and this must be part of his successful business plan.


Here is an excellent business idea and one of the top seven marketing tricks I recommend to those who build at home jobs.  Scott can submit informational articles about each of his products.  I give my coaching students the top 50 places to submit their articles in order to maximize their businesses.  Entrepreneurs need to know where the buyers go for information and put themselves and their business articles right in front of them. 


When I first went into business my business coach only told me to go submit articles; never a word about what to say or where to submit them.  For all the money I was paying him, I thought I should have received more help.  My students will never say that about the resources they receive from me.


Now for Scott, he’s got about 20 products, so if he is going to write & submit informational articles about his products, it will be a long time, if ever, before he runs out of article ideas.



But what about Scott’s services?  He doesn’t have any, yet.  But let me show you what he can do.  It’s easy and it’s fun.


My service advice to Scott is to provide a Q&A interaction about his products and explain how his customers will benefit from their use.  This can be done in seven different ways, but one of my favorites is to show entrepreneurs how to start their own online radio talk show.


When Scott builds a radio show around his business he will then provide his potential customers with Q&A services surrounding his products.  People usually need to be “sold” about seven times before they will buy what you are selling.  (That’s why I recommend you market in seven different ways.)


Like Scott, when you market your products with a Q&A service through your online radio show, you will extend your potential customer base into international neighborhoods you might not have otherwise reached.


Once an entrepreneur like Scott decides on his business products and services, it then becomes a natural progression to get out there and market them into the seven best customer producing fields available.


Here’s to your business success!


Prescott, Arizona business woman, Kathi Calahan, is a Syndicated Author, Certified Behavioral Therapist, Professional Psychic and CEO of two home-based businesses.  Her first business,, shows entrepreneurs how to start any business from home, even if they’ve never done it before.  Her other business,, helps lovers heal their relationships by identifying the underlying problem and providing workable solutions,  even if they’re thinking of throwing in the towel.  Sign up now for her free and helpful small business ideas newsletter, as well as her relationship advice newsletter.

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