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    We will highlight the the prevention of diabetes and what it takes to live a  long life without diabetes. We will  feature the great Dr. Sabrina Elliot Echols.We will find out what diets and lifestyle changes a person needs to make in order to live long and prosper.

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    What is Congenital Hyperinsulinism

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    This show will explain more information about the rare disease called Congenital Hyperinsulinism. Congenital hyperinsulinism (excessive insulin production) is the most common cause of persistent or recurring hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in infancy. Many infants and children affected with any of the various forms of hyperinsulinism have recurring, severe episodes of hypoglycemia both before and after diagnosis that can cause seizures, brain damage and developmental delay. We are Central Texas

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    Are You In Pain & Looking For An Escape from Properly Rx'd D

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    Are you in Pain and Looking for an Escape? (from Properly Prescribed Medications) With the recent tragic death of Whitney Houston and the controversy over drug-drug interactions, we will ask the expert  her opinion about the concerns over drug  side effects, and even drug nutritional reactions.  Dr. Sahar Swidan expert in pain, and  an internationally known speaker in the area of pain management  is my EXPERT guest. Answering your questions. Over 20% of the populatio

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    Interview with Jennifer Longmore

    in Caregiving

    Holistic Healing for Optimal Living Are you ready to tap into your innate ability to heal yourself? Tune in each and every week to learn powerful ways to shift your negative thoughts and behaviors into empowering thoughts and beliefs that will transform the quality of your life. Each show is filled with helpful information and topics that will empower you to optimize your health and place you on the direct path for divine healing. Topic: Interview with Jennifer Longmore

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    How Healing Your Emotions Can Change Your Life

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    Join me for a 30 minute discussion on how healing your emotions can change your life.  There are also opportunities for you to call in and join the discussion as well as asking for on the air help with a particular issue.   I look forward to working with you. You can get more information on the work that I do at http://its-about-energy.com

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    Relationships Can Be Bad For Your Health - Part 2

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    Relationships are the one thing we need in order to grow and when they are good they are really good and when they are bad they become unhealthy. Today we will be touching on the good and the bad aspects of relationships

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    Healing Beyond™: What's got you feeling anxious these days?

    in Caregiving

    A continuing exploration on how Anxiety is effecting our lives and what we can do about it ----sensations images thoughts emotions spirit---- Learning how to notice the areas of our experience and how we can create a new context for exploration and healing. Become aware of the impact our lifestyles are having on our mind/body/spirit. Take control where we can and learn how to Return, Remember and Reinform our bodies/minds/spirits. www.yourgatewaytohealing.com

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    Can't Stand Yourself ???

    in Caregiving

    Are you ashamed of how you feel and respond in certain situations? Do you find yourself acting the same way, over and over again, despite how much you prepare and plan to act otherwise? Do you feel trapped?There are reasons for the bad feelings that you have, and you can discover them and eliminate them.  If you are ready to get serious and honest with yourself, it will be my pleasure to talk to you about the issues you are having. Call in on this show and I will do my best to help you fi

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    Mind Trigger Radio

    in Caregiving

    Tune in to learn how to make great changes in your life that you have found to be difficult to do on your own.  Professional Hypnotist and Speaker Reed Rogers has been helping others to lose weight, quit smoking, deal with difficult people, sleep better and quicker than before, overcome depression, sell more, have better relationships, and much more! Our minds are incredibly powerful, yet many people fuel it with as much or more negative thoughts than positive ones.  The greatest gif

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    This show deals with recognizing and conquering fears while learning to use them to your advantage.

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    Stress and Pain

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    I was told several times to NOT call the show 'The F Word'. I just continued to think, that is what Fibro is. It is Fatigue, Family, Fitness, Fibro.  Five me a better description.  It is the new F word.  It is not easy to balance while living with this f'n disease.  I want to offer a community to people like me... looking for answers... just like people like you.   

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