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Airline talk radio show for airline retirees, employees, pilots, mechanics, airplane enthusiasts

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What ever happened to the professional flight engineer, or in later years, referred simply as the Second Officer? In this Episode we talk about the history of this third person in the cockpit and why the position is nearly extinct. Please join... more

We're talking about the most important part of flight - the LANDING. Listen to what our aviator hosts say about their best memories of those "squeakers" or otherwise. Every landing is unique in one way or another. We'll try to analyse... more

We take this broadcast to remember this country's heroes - the american soliders that have given their life to protect our people and freedom. We hope you will join your Hosts in paying tribute to these men and women who have given their... more

Tonight's show plays the great music and theme songs of past and present airlines. Remember National Airlines, Braniff Airlines, Pacific Southwest Airlines, TWA, PanAm? These are some of airlines we will review in music and... more

Once again, we turn to our hosts and callers to be the radio voice of Eastern Airlines. Whatever they choose as important for tonight's radio show will be our 164th Episode. Call-in with what's on your mind as we get together at 7:00 pm... more

"What passengers always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask." We answer some of these questions as suggested by an email recently sent our way. We hope you will tune-in and tell us some you might even have wanted to ask. We... more

Episode is about "this, that, and the other." Find out what is of interest to your host and listeners with the topics that will only be revealed when you tune in to this episode. Be sure to tune-in Monday, April 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST.... more

Captain Sharon Menear, first female pilot with a major airline will be with us during this broadcast. Sharon has now turned author with a new series of books whose protagonist just happens to be a female airline captain. She talks... more

The beautiful music of Eastern Airlines. Narrated by Alexander Scourby and played by the New Yark Philharmonic conducted by Andre Kostelanetz. This beautiful album was given to every employee of Eastern Airlines back in the... more

We're a little bit about everything tonight. Airliner price tags; The story of Co-pilot Daniel O'Toole; Plenty of licquor but no Ice; How to stall a DC-9; and a "Gem in a Museum." Somthing here for everyone. Meet us at the Gate for our 7:00 pm... more