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Airline talk radio show for airline retirees, employees, pilots, mechanics, airplane enthusiasts

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We have a selection of interviews, stories and humor in our program Monday at 7:00 pm EST. An Atlanta Captain talks about his career with Eastern and a story right out of the 40s are told in this broadcast of Episode 95. Be at the Gate for... more

"This is your Captain, those on the left side of the aircraft have a good view of the lights of New Orleans. Those on the right side have a view of a orange glowing light flying about 100 yards off our right wing tip. As you can see its long and... more

The "Flight Check" is the title of tonight's program. Last in the series the Captain candidate must demonstarte to the Company and the FAA his proficiency to be a Pilot-In-Command of a milti-million dollar aircraft and the lives of hundreds of... more

Follow a new Eastern Captain's rating checkride in this two part series. You will hear how the Oral Phase and the Flight Phase is conducted. Also, re-live the Eastern Cafterria and Travelers Hotel Pool Bar activities in this Episode 92. We... more

We're back from the REPA Convention with some great interviews. Our Monday night show will be a fasinating story of an Eastern pilot's WW2 experiences as an OSS aircraft commander. As you probably know, the OSS was the forerunner of... more

A midair crew change. The captain and first officer become incapacitated in the exciting Episode of what could happen and with the outcome highly possible in our new airliners of today. Be with us for Flight 90 Monday at 7:00 pm EST.

Since it is so close to Halloween we have decided to re-broadcast last year's Halloween Special. It's a flight through the Bermuda Triangle with very unusual happenings and characters from the past who just happen to appear during the... more

This is the last Episode in the series (4) of Eastern through the decades beginning in the 1920's. Our show tonight carries us through the 80's and early 90's when Eastern went out of business. Take the final flight with us tonight when we... more

Journey through the history of Eastern in the 1960's and 1970's. We fly through the decades with history and sounds of the past that you will recognize if this is your generation. Your radio host bring you these highlights along with callers to... more

The 1950's and 1960's will be the decades traveled through Eastern's history tonight. Along with music, news, current events, and radio programs broadcast over radio, we thread the history of Eastern into these exciting times nost of us... more