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Episode is about "this, that, and the other." Find out what is of interest to your host and listeners with the topics that will only be revealed when you tune in to this episode. Be sure to tune-in Monday, April 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST. See... more
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Captain Sharon Menear, first female pilot with a major airline will be with us during this broadcast. Sharon has now turned author with a new series of books whose protagonist just happens to be a female airline captain. She talks... more

The beautiful music of Eastern Airlines. Narrated by Alexander Scourby and played by the New Yark Philharmonic conducted by Andre Kostelanetz. This beautiful album was given to every employee of Eastern Airlines back in the... more

We're a little bit about everything tonight. Airliner price tags; The story of Co-pilot Daniel O'Toole; Plenty of licquor but no Ice; How to stall a DC-9; and a "Gem in a Museum." Somthing here for everyone. Meet us at the Gate for our 7:00 pm... more

We're playing America's Music and our love of country and Eastern Airlines. Tune in and listen to another version of these great American classics. We'll also be talking about the news events of the past few weeks. Join us in the discussion.... more

A life experience and Eastern Flight 663. You'll want to listen to this true life story of one of the Eastern employees on a Mexico City holiday for he and his wife. It will make you realize just how thin-lined balanced our lives are. Listen in and... more

Eastern Flight 304 Lake Pontchartrain crash; Malaysian Flight 370; Games Our Paarents Played are all topics for Monday, March 10th broadcast. Join your hosts, call-in with your thoughts as we depart the Gate at 7:00 PM EDT.

Our show tonight will answer email from our listeners. If you have a question or would just like to "sound off" please call in during the broadcast. We leave the Gate at 7:00 pm EST, Monday, March 3rd and hope you will be onboard.

Eastern Airlines hijackings will be the topic of Episode 154. Eastern had its share of hijackings and we bring you a few in this broadcast. Perhaps you remember, or were involed as an Eatsern employee. We would like to hear from you... more

Presidents Day - Little Known Facts About the American Presidents. Listen in to .this branch of the three branches of government. You may learn stuff you never were taught in school. The show deaprts the Gate at 7:00 pm EST. We... more

During this Episode we will discuss last week's "status of the new Eastern Air Lines" shared by Mr. Ed Wegel, President of Eastern Air Lines. We hope you will join us in this discussion, plus anything else you might want to share.... more