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Route to Miracles



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My name is Paul Kohler. I am a Healer, Certified Hypnotist, Teacher, and Certified Trainer of Hypnotism, and Life Coach. I started down The Route to $3 Million and in the process I found the Route to Miracles. Basically God said to me "Here's your choice, I will give you love, family, a peace filled life, shelter, food, and a life with miracles, healing, and more than you can imagine, or you can slave your days away chasing things that will dissolve and leave you wore out, stressed and lost." Needless to say it took me 35 years to make the right choice. But the beauty is that I made it. This is not a religious show. God is not Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or any of that. If you are, that is ok. You are welcome here and I will never attack any faith. This is not about politics. God isn't a Republican, Democrat, or even an Independent. He's not communist or capitalist or even into monarchies. If you are any of the above, that is okay. You are welcome here. I do Miracles, heal, and share truth with others who seek it. There is never a charge or cost for Miracles, the same as there is never a charge or cost for Truth. I have made this show to give you what is in my heart, and to teach what my teacher is continually teaching me, to learn from you, to heal the world, and in turn heal myself. Thank you for listening and your calls, questions, and comments are welcome.

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A miracle occurs every time we see the truth in the illusion through forgiveness. See the truth with me and let go of the illusion.

Dance like no one is watching Love like you have nothing to lose And Live, Live like you have meaning because you do.

Your moment to get what you want is now, but how. I will show you exactly how.

Achieving great things can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Tonight we will show you how to break that down, and make your dreams a reality.

The day is rough but the show must go on and I have to keep my eyes on the prize. Staying focused is going to create $3million. Learn how and join in the show with your own gigantor accomplishments.

Today I go through the steps being taken to get me to my goal. You are going to know what to expect, more or less, and begin to get some insight for yourself on how a $3 million plan comes together and gets executed.

We are creators of our lives, destiny, experience, everything. Our ability to harness our creative power and understand it is the key to always finding our way.

Creation of the world took 7 days, according to one source, so the creation of your world doesn't necessarily need to take you any longer either. Tap into your ability to create. I am going to show you how.

I'm seriously really tired but I said I would do this every day so here goes me following thru

Life Change requires your ability to access everything that is true within you. Today we are going to talk about how this is achieved.
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