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GUEST: Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer and contributor to Babalu Blog.....we will take another look at the Castro-Obama talks, repression in Cuba, fugitives from US and other international law, Cuba and Venezuela, Raul Castro's rant against the US in Panama plus other issues ...... Click to support some of our friends.... ...CLICK AUDIBLE.COM, YOUR SOURCE FOR AUDIO BOOKS! CHECK OUT MY BOOK: CUBANOS IN WISCONSIN..... LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF CARLOS GUEDES...... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER...... GET MY POSTS BY E-MAIL HERE.......

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GUEST: Bill Katz, editor of Urgent Agenda, joins us for a look at the top stories of the week........the mess in Iraq, Yemen and the entire Middle East......the Iran deal after the US Senate vote resolution......the Hillary Clinton campaign is off and... more

GUEST: Jim Yardley, contributor to Canada Free Press, American Thinker & editor of Patriot Dreams.....we will discussed the GOP field.......the key question is this: Who can win? Who is the most conservative candidate who can win? Who... more

We will look back at some of my American Thinker posts of the week, from marches in Brazil to US-Cuba talks to The Monroe Doctrine to Cuba no longer on terror renembering The Bay of Pigs in 1961, Apollo 13 safely... more

GUEST: Frank Burke, businessman and contributor to American Thinker.....we will discuss the negotiations with did the US negotiate this deal? What did we demand from Iran? where are we now?.....what lessons can we learn... more

GUESTS: Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Roger Mailhot, a Canadian businessman with vast Latin America experience and currently living in Lima, Peru.......we will discuss the Latin American summit in... more

GUEST: Michael Bargo Jr, contributor to American Thinker.....Michael just wrote an article about the Chicago elections and the Hispanic vote......Michael believes that the results should be a wake up call for Democrats.....Hispanics are a... more

GUEST: Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer and contributor to Babalu Blog, joins me for a discussion of US-Cuba talks and the meetings in Panama....we will speak about the Castro-Obama meeting, Raul Castro's rant against the US, the... more

GUEST: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.....we will look at the Iran nuclear deal a week later.......why are there so many conflicting ideas about the deal? Recently Secretary Kissinger expressed concern about the deal.......Senator... more

GUEST: Jim Yardley, contributor Canada Free Press, American Thinker and editor of Patriot Dreams, joins me for a discussion of the Iran deal a week later.....there are some serious conflciting signals from Iran and the... more