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GUEST: Jim Yardley, contributor to Canada Free Press, American Thinker & editor of Patriot Dreams, joins me for a discussion of President Obama's foreign policy and his involvement in the Israeli we look at the 2016 GOP race for the nomination.....Senator Cruz is in & Senator Rubio is out with a health care alternative to Obama Care, specially if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies leaving many without coverage...... ...CLICK AUDIBLE.COM, YOUR SOURCE FOR AUDIO BOOKS! CHECK OUT MY BOOK: CUBANOS IN WISCONSIN..... LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF CARLOS GUEDES...... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER...... GET MY POSTS BY E-MAIL HERE.......
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GUEST: George Rodriguez, conservative activist in South Texas, joins me for reaction to Senator Cruz' announcement that he is running for president......we will also discuss his decision to join Obama Care.........what is the Hispanic... more

GUEST: Richard Baehr of The American Thinker.....we will discuss the entrance of Senator Cruz into the 2016 GOP sweepstakes.....will it be followed by others like Senator Paul? What impact will it have on Iowa? South Carolina? There is... more

GUEST: Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer and contributor to Babalu Blog, joins me for an update on the US-Cuba talks .....what is going on? is there something going on behind closed doors? There have been no public... more

GUEST: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda, joins us for a look at the top stories of the day......The Israel elections and the reaction from the Obama administration.....Did President Obama's involvement in the election backfire?... more

We will look at my American Thinker posts from the last week......some of the topics were: Al Gore may be running for president; American criminals living in Cuba; Race relations in the US under President Obama; the future of MSNBC... more

GUEST: Jim Yardley, contributor to American Thinker, Canada Free Press and editor of Patriot Dreams, joins me for a discussion of Israel elections and the reaction from the Obama much was Obama a factor in the... more

GUEST: Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger.....we will discuss the aftermath of the Israeli elections.....what role did President Obama's involvement play in the results?......what were the people of Israel saying about the Iran... more

GUEST: Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, joins me for a discussion of US-Latin America stories of the week, such as the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, demonstrations in Brazil, the political situation in Argentina after the... more

GUEST: Bob Parks, editor of Black & Right......we will discuss the state of race relations in the US in year 7 of President Obama.............. CLICK AUDIBLE.COM, YOUR SOURCE FOR AUDIO BOOKS! CHECK OUT MY BOOK: CUBANOS IN... more