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Guest: Carlos Roncal, CEO of The World Language School in Dallas, Texas. During his business travels he has visited almost all the countries in North, Central and South America as well as Europe, Finland, Hong Kong , Taiwan,... more
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Guest: Dr Ilena Johnson-Paugh, author & economist. We look at front page stories, from another delay to the Keystone Pipeline to ObamaCare enrollment numbers to Ukraine PLUS a little sports from our local teams. Check out my... more

Guest: Jesus Fernando Gonzalez Cazorla, known as Comandante Cazorla, will join us for a report about Venezuela. We will hear about the Maduro government and its efforts to negotiate with the opposition. Check out my book:... more

Guest: Barry Jacobsen, military historian. We will discuss the crisis in Ukraine and what it means for the US. Russia has moved troops to the border and there are concerns that the crisis could expand to other countries in the region. We will... more

Guests: Cecilia Torres will tell us about the latest from Colombia, from the upcoming elections to negotiations with FARC to other issues facing the voters. Fausta Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, will join me for a review of US-Latin... more

Guest: Monica Showalter, editorial writer at IBD. Monica has been following Latin America for years. We will discuss Brazil on the eve of The World Cup. Brazil has seen angry protests and there is concern about the infrastructure. We will also... more

Guest: Carlos A. Roncal, CEO of World Language Schools in Dallas. We will look at "medical tourism" opportunities in Medellin, Colombia. You can contact Carlos here! Check out my book: CUBANOS IN WISCONSIN BY SILVIO CANTO JR

Guest: Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda. We look at the front page stories of the week from Secretary Siebelius resigning to the latest from Ukraine to the 2014 midterm elections. Check out my book: CUBANOS IN WISCONSIN BY SILVIO CANTO... more

We will discuss the recent comments by Attorney General Holder about the "special way that he's been treated" with James Yardley, contributor to American Thinker. Jim wrote a post today. The Democrats are desperately changing the... more

Guest: Carlos Eire, author of "Waiting for snow in Havana" and contributor to Babalu Blog. We will discuss President Correa (Ecuador) and his visit to Yale University. You can read Carlos's report here. Here is a preview of the article:... more