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ARE YOU FED UP WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – WE ARE! Thank you for visiting Candor #Talk. We are a NEW #PROGRESSIVE AND #LIBERAL talk show and blog focusing on opinion driven news, without the corporate filter and ratings spin. We challenge the two party system and the corruption in the political process. We also discuss other issues such as law and society news. We speak unabashedly about progressive politics and the issues that are consistently undermined by the mainstream media. Further, we aggressively expose the mainstream media narratives, corruption, and corporate political agendas. WE are the voices of the future of the United States. We will not shy away from challenging the Right-Wing propaganda and bully machine and will still take on the Democratic Party for it’s lack of a backbone and it’s corporate dependency. You will hear nothing but Candor when you come here!

On-Demand Episodes

MAKE-UP EPISODE: In this episode we will discuss the BREXIT referendum and it's implications on the US elections. We will explore the correlations between what is occurring in Britain with what is occurring between Trump and Hillary... more

In this episode we will have two guests who will join us to discuss the recent Donald Trump scandal where he is alleged to have pretended to be his publicist and would plant stories with the media. He subsequently denied it and now a... more

In this episode we will discuss Donald Trump's, the presumptive Republican Nominee, refusal to release his tax returns because they are under audit. We will explore his previous statements regarding releasing his tax returns and what our... more

In this episode we will discuss Donald Trump's latest attack of Hillary Clinton, calling her a mean, nasty, enabler of Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs of the 1990s. We examine whether this latest attack will stick and will it change... more

In this episode we will discuss Trump's nomination and Ted Cruz getting the boot while Carly Fiorina launches the shortest VP bid in American History. Hillary Clinton is still losing, what does that do to the democrats in fall. Also, we will... more