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CFL IZ the Best Football in the World for Home teams in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia. The Grey Cup is in Regina this year the home of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, who bask in the glory of Rider Pride. Rider Pride is some of the best that Football fans have to offer. Last Season the Toronto Argonauts won the 100th Grey Cup, a claim that no other professional league can claim. In the second century of the Canadians Football League the teams will be adding more talent on their teams, yes American, Canadian as well. The talent is getting deeper and wider in Canada, as it has in the province of Quebec in the last couple of decades. More Canadians are being drafted by the NFL. The interest will be widening and it is our hope here at Candid Frank Live that this will be a place where we can share the history, the present and the future of the Canadian Football League.

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CandidFrankLive's "CFL IZ the Best Football in The World" Show #194 10pm-12AMEDT: LA Call In #: 714.242.5250; Show EMAIL:; click SKYPE icon on BlogTalkRadio PLAYER for live participation or just to listen. FACEBOOK: Candidfranklive Stanisci to leave a question, comment or your number to be called by the show. THIS IS SHOW IS FOR AND BY THE FANS OF THE CFL, SO DON'T BE SHY AND ENJOY SHARING YOUR OPINONS. WE ARE LOOKING FOR FANS of the CFL TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR OPINIONS ABOUT THE GAME THEIR TEAM, COACHES, PLAYERS AND OTHER FANS OPINIONS, BUT KEEP IT CLEAN (NUTUAL RESPECT, PLEASE). ALL NINE TEAMS COUNT AND NEED REPRESENTATION, UNTIL WE ACHIEVE THAT WE WILL MOVE ON TO THE COLLECTIVE NEXT STEP. LET'S GROW THE GAME TOGETHER AS DIE HARD FANS TOGETHER. NEEDS A SHOW LIKE THIS! UNTIL THEN, CFL FANS ARE WELCOME HERE TO WHAT WE CONSIDER A UNIQUE FORMAT. There is no right or wrong opinions, just opinions shared while being mutually repectful, no foul language, just fun conversation based on our love of the Canadian Football League. What we need is genuine passion & representation from every team to make this work. You will be welcomed with open arms to help grow our offseason and during season Show; sharing talk about our Canadian game the Canadian Football League made of of the best players from around North America and elsewhere. IF YOU HAVE A BLOG SHOW PLEASE LET'S CROSS OVER ON EACH OTHER'S SHOWS. THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY THIS ABOUT THE MOST UNIQUE LEAGUE IN THE WORLD AND IT IS ALL OURS...I MAN ALL OURS......
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The CFL this Week

The CFL this Week The Show goes on even with Losing to the Cats sucks but the Bus Trip n the class the Argos have makes it all ok to talk CFL more than OK. Tonight we will talk to players and coaches get their prep before the game and... more

John Granger and Frank Stanisci, discuss Tuesday game tomorrow

The CFL this Week: CFL News. Interviews with Coach Milanovich, Ricky Ray and Kaleef Mitchell Open discussion with callers

John Granger and Frank Stanisci, discuss the loss to Hamilton Argo Lifers Jordan Younger Tackles for Toilets

The CFL this Week: Burris of the Ticats last QB to survive the season so far. Of course Burris will be playing Toronto on Friday. Around the Horn Who are some of the new players coming into league at this time. US Broadcasts uplift... more

Frank and Guest Host John Granger discuss the Argos this week. Successful Road Trip throuh BC Saskatchewan, Calgary and Edmonton. First team in CFL History to go through a 4 game road trip winning all 4 games for the first time in... more

Aaron and I tonight: The CFL Playoffs are upon us. GRoy Simon recording breaking day in Montreal where the record holder Ben Cahoon called home. Once again young quarterbacks

tonight: Aroung the CFL Stats: Passing, Receiving Yards, Rushing Yards, Tackles, Interceptions, Sacks. Powerade 24 the best 24 Canadian Athletes with a future. 2012 Rushing 11, 12 and 13 Lulay Burris & Durant 2013 Rushing 5, 10,... more

John Granger and Frank Stanisci, Argos beat 1st place team in the West 2 weeks in a row; Calgary this week and Saskatchewan last week. Candidfranklive Show and Argo Lifer friend Mike Bradwell grabs the winning TD. John Chiles,... more
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