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Candi & Randy Featuring: Candi Fox ("Ms. Naughty") and Randy Slovacek ("Mr. Entertainment") Join us on Monday and Thursday evenings for Arts and Entertainment, hot topics, trending news, LGBTQ happenings and much more.

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Candi and Randy discuss the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate

Linda Dix has been a psychic/medium for more than 28 years. Linda has been able to communicate with the spirit world since the age of three. It took her a few more years to realize not everyone had that gift. She learned to hide her gifts... more

Rachelle Rak has been labeled as a Triple Threat on Broadway for her immeasurable talent in dance, singing, and acting. Currently appearing in the role of "Sheila" in A Chorus Line at Paper Mill Playhouse, Rachelle joins Candi &... more

Candi & Randy welcome Jed Ryan and Joe Manetti to the show. Joe Mannetti is an actor and public person known for his connection to the LGBT members who identify as "Bears." He's won several Bear titles while living in California... more

Indie author and Para Goddess JoLynne Valerie joins the Candi and Randy show to launch her latest bestselling book: Give Me a Reason Story synopsis: "Aging rock star Cami Carmichael can accept the fact that she's remembered as little... more

Randy and Candi explore their love for dogs - 'fur babies' - as well as more on the Law of Attraction. So many of us love our pets they are like our children. We love them, we worry over them and they bring us joy. Candi and Randy... more

Join Candi & Randy as they talk recent events, hot topics and whatever Candi would like to talk about as Randy chills the wine. Some politics, pop ballads and an encounter with the Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner, are sure to come up... more

Bob Pondillo, writer and director, joins us tonight to talk about his latest award winning film "The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill." About the film: "Once upon a an enchanted place called Honey Bee Hill, there lived a girl named... more

Tony and Tina's Wedding has been a popular off-Broadway show for years. We welcome real life 'Tony and Tina' - and this awesome couple is conquering bad health one person at a time. They are helping people rebuild self-esteem and... more

Our guest, Carl Sandler, has a degree in economics from Stanford University and has spent the last 15 years designing, building, and using technology that helps gay men meet. First at then as Founder of, a site for... more