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Each week we will bring you real people, real stories, and real experts that talk about life with cancer. Our goal is that you will find hope and peace in your cancer journey. Because you matter.

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Join Dr. Weizer in this re-airing of this great show as he discusses Occupational Therapy in oncology with Amy Kay. Amy is an Occupational Therapist that has been serving cancer patients for 13 years. Amy explains the role of occupational therapy in oncology is ?to facilitate and enable an individual patient to achieve maximum functional performance, both physically and psychologically, in everyday living skills?. Dr. Weizer and Amy also discuss the role an OT plays in the mind, body and heart along with the needs of the physical body.
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One thing that people don't think about before they start cancer treatment is the state of their homes. Mark Burright talks about some of the changes that you can change about your home. He covers things from the simple – changing... more

Dr. Weizer is joined by breast cancer survivor Kim. Kim has been Dr. Weizer's patient since 2011. Dr. Weizer and Kim discuss the relationship of people in terms of healers, healing and how to connect mind, body and spirit to the cancer... more

Fatigue is something that affects everyone – especially cancer sufferers. Fatigue can affect your life in detrimental ways. Knowing the causes and how to recognize symptoms can help you manage fatigue. What are those causes?... more

Dr. Ken Weizer recently wrote called ‘Cancer for Introverts.' Over the years, he has noticed cancer causes many to become introverts. He believes that this introversion has positive and negative effects. Listen as Dr. Weizer shares his... more

How do you make sure you're making the right decisions after you're faced with a cancer diagnosis? Join us as Mark Burright continues to share some tips about how to deal with your cancer diagnosis and treatment. He also has some tips... more

Dr. Ken Weizer shares with a something that has been on his mind for about ten years – Dr. Weizer's Healing Meals. What is that? Dr. Weizer wants people to know the value of food in the cancer dance. Listen in as he explains his... more

Join Mark and bladder cancer survivor Paul Blais as they discuss bladder cancer and Paul's personal experience in the cancer journey. In the second segment Mark will be discussing bladder cancer symptoms, genetics, lifestyle risks,... more

The chief complaint of cancer patients to their doctors is fatigue. In this world of technology, we have so much help with all from all sorts of machines. Dr. Ken Weizer shares with us his thoughts on the cause of fatigue in our lives –... more

?Our habits create our lives.? In the cancer dance, you have to make new habits – even if you don't want to. In discussing creating good habits in his life, a patient told Dr. Ken Weizer, ?It's easy to say but hard to do.? Dr. Weizer had a... more

Join Dr. Thomas DeLoughery from OHSU Knight Cancer Institute as he discusses Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. We are excited to have Dr. Deloughery on the show to discuss a subject we hear little about. Dr. Deloughery is currently a... more