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Each week we will bring you real people, real stories, and real experts that talk about life with cancer. Our goal is that you will find hope and peace in your cancer journey. Because you matter.

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"Although your treatment has ended, you are still coping with how it affects your body." In this second part of our current series, Mark Burright talks about fatigue and pain as it is related to the cancer journey after treatment. He'll give some... more

Join Dr. Weizer as he discusses ‘Guidance and Direction' after cancer diagnosis. Learn about your Yes-Ohmmeter and No-Ohmmeter. This fancy device doesn't cost anything, and is already installed. Dr. Weizer will teach you how to... more

Congratulations, you're now done with cancer treatment. Now what? You're done and everything is now back to normal, right? No, it is not over. There is a lot to deal with after treatment. In this first installment of a five part series,... more

Join for this throwback Thursday episode of Stories for Life as Dr. Ken Weizer and Prostate Cancer Survivor Dan Self discuss the importance of working hard through the cancer journey. Sometimes, there's not a better way. Sometimes,... more

Cancer treatment is a necessity of the cancer journey. Side effects can happen due to these treatments – even some that happen after the treatment is finished. Our host Mark Burright shares with us about the importance of realizing... more

Although death in an inevitable part of life, few of us know just what to do or say or how to find the support we need when we are nearing the end of our lives and saying our final goodbyes. Dying Well is an informative, supportive, and... more

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States. Most of those with lung cancer are non-smokers. In fact, eight out of ten lung cancer patient have never smoked. In this episode, we revisit a previous interview in... more

Finding happiness can be difficult when you're going through a traumatic life event like cancer. Dr. Ken Wiezer talks about finding that happiness in the little things by just being creative. You must be creative in the way you look at the... more

Join Mark in this re-airing of his interview with special guest David Tuccaro Jr. from earlier this year. David is a Leukemia survivor and bone marrow donation advocate. He also is the subject of the Amazon bestselling book Bad to the... more

Join Dr. Weizer in this re-airing of this great show as he discusses Occupational Therapy in oncology with Amy Kay. Amy is an Occupational Therapist that has been serving cancer patients for 13 years. Amy explains the role of occupational... more