Listen in as cancer researchers, survivors, foundation leaders and other various advocates speak on behalf of cancer research, treatment, medicine and etc. as well as share other useful information specific to different kinds of cancer. Inspirational speakers reach out to promote cancer survival and encourage strength to both patients and their families. Whether you seek cancer information or empowerment, tune in as others share their inspirations and findings to help fight the battle against cancer.
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    The Zing Zone -- Laugh and Love for Health

    in Relationships

    The most important part of life is health of the mind, body and soul. Long Island's #1 psychic Cindi Sansone-Braff joins Ron to talk about her journey of love. Laugh along with Ron and Grief Specialist Nancy Weil of The Laugh Academy and find out how just a few moments of laughter a day can put years back into your life.

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    Perspective Talk Radio

    in Spirituality

    Getting News From A Different Perspective 
    Special Guest
    Elder Robbi Warren
    (Baltimore, MI)

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    Making The Difference with Jasmine Sampson & Raewyn Weller

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Life Coach Jasmine Sampson  as she profiles leaders of The Difference Project.  Hear these visionary global leaders talk in depth about their  background, the involvement with The Difference ™ and their vision for the future. Each broadcast will end with a guided meditation created in the moment by Jasmine.
    This week's guest is Raewyn Weller
    Raewyn says she has learnt most of her skills through the School of Life, personal experiences and studying the work of great people who have inspired her. Health and fitness are priorities in her life, having a health body mind and spirit, combined with trust, faith, gratitude and love. As an author Raewyn has been dubbed the “Self Esteem Queen” in a book she co authored with 34 other international entrepreneurs, called ‘The Wealth Garden’. She is a Life skills & Relationship Consultant, Justice of the Peace and Marriage Celebrant. Raewyn recently started working with her partner George an amazing healer, together they make a fantastic all round team to facilitate healthy living.
    She is a  Collaborator & International Hub Leader of The Difference™ working with National Hub leaders in NZ & Australia to assist with development and communication in the two countries.

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #121

    in Business

    Volatile equities markets fall flat in today's trading, commodities spike with gains, Casey Anthony acquitted of murder in death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Obama to speak about the debt ceiling debate, Secret Service investigating apparent Fox News Twitter hack, White House disputes study saying stimulus cost Taxpayers $278,000 per job, Dominique Strauss-Kahn could have hotel rape charge dropped while a new sexual assault charges come to light, clashes in Libya kill 11 in rebel-held Misrata, Hugo Chavez hails Venezuela's 200th birthday as admitting battling cancer, Britain shocked by news organization hacking into slain girl's phone and UK seeks stronger cyber laws to fight attacks.  Ghost goes off on ugly people, relationships and whatever else is on his mind.  News, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti on this edition.  Follow on Twitter @ghostpolitics

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    The 21st Century Woman Show

    in Women

    The Jewel Network  presents the latest addition to our lineup; “The 21st Century Woman”, airing Sunday nights at 8:00pm EST.  The shows’ topics will address “what women really want”, sharing insight on the woman’s brain development, sexual relationships, secrets of womanhood, the essence of the woman, and so much more!  Join us for this informative series hosted by our own founder and head facilitator, Dr. Jewel Pookrum.  If you have any questions about your very existence but didn’t have the forum to present them here is your chance!

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    Change For Life #3

    in Lifestyle

    How do we more easily change in a world that is constantly changing? If we consider that the earth rotates and time passes then no moment is ever the same. By this logic change for us as human beings should be seamless and effortless, yet we constantly struggle with change in our lives. However, we need to be clear that while change may seem difficult it is not the only factor, we also need to evolve. Understanding this distinction can and will make things in our life more effortless. Our insistence of assigning the wrong information to any given issue only solidifies the problem further making it nearly impossible to resolve. This wrong information inevitably leads to pain, discomfort, sickness, disease, relationship troubles, career and money problems all ultimately affecting our health and well being. 
    It is time to resolve these weaknesses and move past these silly little limitations that keep you from being your true self, that keep you from realizing your true potential. Connecting with the true answer or the core issue of a problem is the best way to unblock what is hindering you.
    I have helped thousands of people create change in their lives on the spot. And I can help you too. Check out the show and call in with any issue you might have and we can begin resolving it right on the spot. Lets get rid of your pain and silly excuses that are keeping you stuck. You can have change for life and today is the best day to start.
    God Bless

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    Spices to stall breast cancer?

    in Health

    A new study from the University of Michigan looked at compounds derived from the spices turmeric and black pepper. Researchers found that they can stop the growth of stem cells that give rise to breast cancer. At the same time, the compounds had little effect on the normal breast cells. The researchers suggest this could be a potentially less-toxic option for preventing breast cancer in women at high risk. Joyce speaks with Dr. Madhuri Kakarala, M.D., Ph.D., R.D., clinical lecturer in internal medicine at the U-M Medical School and a research investigator at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

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    Simple Steps to Happiness

    in Lifestyle

    Erika Oliver is joining us today – she is the award-winning author of at least 4 books that I know of (Three Good things Guided Gratitude Journal, Happy Crap, Three Good things a Color Book For Everyone, Three Good Things Happiness Everyday No Matter What) and she hosts workshops within this genre as well. Today we are going to learn about counteracting negative thinking and negative conversations. We are also going to learn some tips for people on the front line of illness such as nurses and caregivers. As a Positive Approach Coach - and recovering pessimist - Erika tells me she is all about saving personal energy and that through speaking, training, and coaching she is able to help people choose a positive approach to family, co-worker relationships, personal health.
    Find today’s guest at: - and - the hosts at:

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    Why Men And Women Cheat????????

    in Entertainment

    Infidelity or extramarital affairs have been extensively studied over the past two decades.

    Basically, when it comes to infidelity, two related explanations have been given.

    The first explanation is probably the most well known: Spouses cheat because of problems in their relationship - something is missing, passion has faded, partners feel lonely, people find someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current spouse, and so on.

    Simply stated, people claim that they are not happy in their relationship so they look for love and affection elsewhere.

    The second explanation is more detailed in nature. This explanation ignores the reasons that people "give" for cheating and looks deeper into our human nature.

    The second explanation explores what it means to be human and asks, "why is being faithful to a spouse so difficult for many people to do so".

    We will discuss what people"say" about infidelity, explore and discus "how and why infidelity" occurs.

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    Anna Olson: Food Network Canada Star

    in Women

    Food Network Canada star, Anna Olson is well-known for her successful television shows 'Sugar' where she satisfies sweet cravings with great dessert recipes and guides viewers from making to plating with presentation ideas to dress up any dessert. Her latest program 'Fresh with Anna Olson' is back for a stunning third season creating delicious recipes and inviting viewers to spend even more time in the comfort of her country home kitchen and learn more of her personal recipes, food insights, and valuable cooking tips.
    Anna joins Marlo to talk about her journey.

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