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Listen in as cancer researchers, survivors, foundation leaders and other various advocates speak on behalf of cancer research, treatment, medicine and etc. as well as share other useful information specific to different kinds of cancer. Inspirational speakers reach out to promote cancer survival and encourage strength to both patients and their families. Whether you seek cancer information or empowerment, tune in as others share their inspirations and findings to help fight the battle against cancer.
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    Dr. Jubb connecting our Universe/Consciousness/Health

    in Health

    Tune in for another great show with Dr David Jubb. He will cover topics that will link our health to consciousness.  Starting with the importance of music and the weightlessness it creates inside; "it causes things to dance".  He continues to elaborate on Holy Dirt and how it creates a feeling of being connected to our original selves. How does it connect us with the universe?  He touches on Quantum Mechanics and the resonance of particles. How are things connected even though they are separated by great distances.  The Gyroscopic compass: what is this? How does it work? What is the evidence that it exists? Can we discover how it works through language and behavior? Bringing it all together with cleansing and flushing and the importance of dissolving calcium phosphate deposits to improve the function of our pineal gland.   GUEST CALL-IN (858) 815-2300 or toll free GUEST CALL-IN (877) 904-1630     Dr. David Jubb Live on Internet Radio Saturday 11am PDT : 2pm EDT.   http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Jubb.Radio http://DrJubbRadio.com  

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    Finding Your POTENTIAL!

    in Health

    We are energy generators; our body constantly uses energy that can be measured via frequency. 
    Using our Personality Profiling software, nanoVoice, we are going to demonstrate how your voice can provide clues as to what your energy needs to balance itself. 
    NanoVoice can reveal opportunities of focus, completion and balance of your energy field.   
    Vocal Profiling can be REVEALING, non-invasive and Life Changing.
    Whether you call your EnergyBody a Signature Sound, the aura or an Oto-Acoustic emission, it's fun and informative    to learn about it.
    Join in this Sunday – January 6, 2013 from 12-1 PM EST!
    Click the link below to join:

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    Art, Writing, Health

    in Art

    Award winning artist and writer Beate Epp is dedicated to teaching children about the importance of their relationship to the earth and nature. Beate has done numerous school tours where she has used her children's novel, The Magical Horses, to teach students about nature. She also teaches children about the importance of nutrition and as an organic farmer, includes recipes for families in her written work. Find today’s featured guest at: www.beate-epp.com …& the Brummets @ http://Brummet.ca

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    The 'do nots' of lifestyle changes with Sherwood A. Grant

    in Blogs

    The Whatcha Got 2 Lose talk show presents... What not to do when starting fitness regimen? What not to do regarding nutrition? What not to do in regards to lifestyle? What not to do in the gym? Sherwood Grant will share vital information in regards to taking care of the World's Greatest Creation the "HUMAN BODY".  He invites you to share your views and to stimulate questions to explore how ones spirituality can be used to guide them to a healthier lifestyle.
    If you want the truth to be sugar-coated, then you're on the wrong station, because here we seek Truth and will challenge what we've been socialized to believe as Truth.
    So tune in every Saturday at 1pm CST, relax, and get ready to take your health to the next level with the Whatcha Got 2 Lose talk show, a place where change is imminent.

  • 01:30

    Is Cancer Still A Shameful Disease?

    in Health

    Join us for an in-depth interview with our guest out-spoken talk show host Lisa Durden. For over 11 years Lisa Durden has been entertaining audiences talking about social & political issues on The Lisa Durden Show, FOX 5 Morning Show w/Mike & Juliet, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle on The Comcast Network, The Michael Baisden Show on 98.7 Kiss FM, The Kiss Wake Up Club on 98.7 Kiss FM, and news specials on BET and MY 9 News.
    Now she shares her views openly, on DeLeon Dialogue, about breast cancer and its devastating effects on women.

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    Shifting Times hosted by Eric and Isa Tuesday Nights

    in Spirituality

    Each air date features new and or reoccurring guests with a different perspective yet relative to  spiritual and scientific subject matter. In addition, we focus on changes happening from within and through out our lives as we are entering in to ever changing, shifting times.    Sponsored by: Heaven Blessed Life Center &  Nayell Avalon  www.heavenblessedlifecenter.com www.nayellavalonreadings.com   email: thestarchildnetwork@gmail.com

  • 02:01

    The I AM Well Show

    in Health

    The I AM Well Show hosted by Jeffrey R. Pierce, Ari Pierce, and Justin Abner
    The I Am Well team hopes you all have a blessed week and that you enjoy this great archive. We will see you all next week!

  • 01:58

    Mental Health Diversion

    in Self Help

    "Mental Health Diversion" Discussing the issues of mental illness and insanity and the lack of human compassion and understanding in the mainstream about the stigma associated with mental illness.  Core Topics:  Compassion and the need for grace.

  • 00:40

    The Power of Sound Therapy, with Sharon Carne

    in Self Help

    Join Stephen as he interviews Sharon Carne, a Canadian musician, author, and teacher who has been in the field for over 40 years. Discover how sound can be used as a powerful force for wellness, and how sound can help us create a sense of calm and peace in everyday life.

    In addition, sound can be used to:

    reduce stress

    enhance awareness

    deepen meditation

    facilitate emotional release

    improve focus and concentration 

    and much more!


    This jam-packed episode will light you up, and provide incredible insights on sound and healing! You won't want to miss it!


    In this episode, Sharon does refer to specific audio files, which can be found by visiting:



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    in Women

    IDECLAIR IT!~  *Gun Violence In America: The Time Is Now To Stop GUN POLICY MADNESS. *FLU 2013: Deadly.  *Sperm Donors, Do YOU Know Where Your Sperm Is?  Life. Work. Policy & YOU.  IDECLAIR IT!~ http://ideclairmedia.com/gun-violence-in-america-the-time-is-now-to-stop-gun-policy-madness-responsibility-accountability-liability-common-sensibility-historic-flu-epidemic-whats-your-flu-story-men-its-1/
    LIFE, Voting Rights, Womens Rights, Civil Rights, Worker Rights, Collective Bargaining Rights, Human Rights, Health Care, Taxation, Trade, & Banking Policy, GUN VIOLENCE & LIFE is our menu!   IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... IDECLAIR IT!~   http://www.ideclairmedia.com/

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    Organo Gold Health Care Call - 10:00pm EST / 9:00pm CST

    in Business

    Organo Gold Health Care Call - 10:00pm EST / 9:00pm CST

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    Health Chat with Dr. Higgie and Kat

    in Social Networking

    Dr. Chandra Higginbotham and Kathleen Curry both opened their Health Care Practices in 2003. Being friends for many years, they collaborated and made a decision to help their patients beyond what their individual practices traditionally offered. They started offering Functional Medicine remedies to their patients to address all of their health care concerns. They have begun an educational series and health and weight management classes for their patients and the general public which helps educate, bring awareness and facilitate solutions to truly achieve optimal health and quality longevity.

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