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Behold The Supposed King Jason - Let The Full Scale Games Begin in Alberta

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Were you turned off, disgusted or sickened by what American politics became over the last 18 months? False equivalency as an art form. The proposed connections between political apples and oranges made to sound like deep, dark evil plans. The insistance that everything "they" say is a lie, yet everything "we" say is truth. You can't trust anyone, except our salesperson, because we have the cure for what ails you. Anything said against our salesperson are devious lies, because...we said so.

It's nothing new, just ask Edward Bernays, he invented the method. What is new are the methods, the delivery platforms, the inescapable persistence of it. Brought to you by a corporate media industry driven by graphics not facts, views not validity, profit not professionalism. Canadians got a glimpse during the BC election, but that was just a warmup.

Let's get real. Every government, every party lies for their benefit. The trick is doing it consistently well and having mitigation plans for when facts come calling. Some are better than others, some just lose the advantage. Harper. Clark. Prentice. Charest. You know it's gone when the lies get repeated ad nauseum no matter the obvious deception of it all.

Enter Jason Kenney and the "United Conservative Party" of Alberta circus. A new leader carrying more baggage could not be imagined. So far, it's a 3-stage assault that has gone virtually without an admitted hitch. But that was all intended for the choir, the "low-information" voter, the people who demand time not go forward but backward. Unity which is actually a push right and non-believers can go elsewhere.

Get ready Alberta, it's a 17 month misinformation campaign likely without a day off. This opening Alberta Series show will provide a background on how removed from the truth the UCP gameplan is.