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U See Pee in Alberta - The Universal Conquest Project

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The right wing echo chamber has been apopleptic since May 2015 in Alberta. The 44 year dynasty of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta finally came to an abupt end with the election of a majority New Democrat government. The finger pointing and revenge plans for those deemed responsible for voters actually choosing something new were out in short order. The parachuted operative from the Conservative Party of Canada, Jim Prentice, managed to piss away what was thought to be the safest right wing throne in Canada. All was going to plan to take over the resistant PCAA, since the CPC controlled Wildrose would never form government. Cue the rogue merger with the majority of the Wildrose MLAs crossing to the PCAA government side. It didn't quite work out.

The Reform-Conservative movement is convinced their return to ascendancy begins in Alberta, just like last time. The method is a common one. Distill politics into a two party dichotomy, label the other side communists and socialists, use fear and the stupidity of the target voters and wind it up until the donations and empty rhetoric bring results. Absolutely nothing new at all.

The merger document is in place, the registration of a new party is underway and the circus is just beginning. Three leadership candidates so far have entered the ring. From social dark ages proponents to neoliberal vulture capitalists to talk-a-lot-say-nothing power seekers, it's pretty much what was expected. But not all is well on the right in Alberta. The Alberta Party is trying to poach neoliberals that smile. Alberta Together is a vehicle of PCAA insiders that will not give up. By no means is this song and dance a ticket to government for any of them. This will be the first episode of what will be many over the course of 2017 to highlight the Reform/Alliance/HarperCon campaign to steal Canada back starting in Alberta.