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Liberals - They Win Some, The People Win Some

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Two Liberal majority governments hit the election trail at opposite ends of the country. They both have a common list of complaints against them from their citizens. Health Care. Public Education. Scandal. Stomping on workers rights. Unaccountability. Lack of accomplishments compared to promises made.

One province had the shortest election writ allowed by law - 30 days. The three parties extolled their vision. The two that were not government made work of highlighting the government's failures. Polling was tight, corporate media sold the version they preferred and the writ period flew by. The large majority this Liberal party entered the campaign with was knocked down to the slimmist margin. Both parties in opposition made gains. Voter turnout may be the lowest in the history of the province. This Liberal party gets a second majority with more scutiny and missing a few trusted members in the Legislature.

The other province had an election campaign before there was even a public acknowledgement that an election was coming, on the public dime. Once the writ was dropped, that Liberal party spent like drunken sailors. Because they could. Did they get value for it? Well, no. This campaign had headline events nearly every day. It saturated media, both corporate and independent. The polling was non-stop. There was no mystery from the two parties on the opposition side what the problems were. This Liberal party was seeking a fifth consecutive victory. A lot of baggage piles up after 16 years, especially when it appears that there are no rules to the game. Advance voting was very high. Election day voting was a disappointment. This Liberal party will apparently exhaust every delay to push back their ouster. This Liberal party cannot govern with a minority. Nobody wants to play with them. A new day is imminent.

Nova Scotia and British Columbia, a tale of two provinces