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Corporate Governance On Futile Display - #FreeTheViewUpHere

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Imagine having a social media platform used by hundreds of millions globally. Imagine publicly touting it as a beacon of free speech and instant information spreading. Then you take it public. Then you become a tool of whoever holds stock. Then you become a tool of corporations and government agencies in the shadows. Just keep pushing the false slogan of free speech. Just keep praising the usefulness and necessity of what is now a corporation interested in nothing but compliance to masters, profit and spinning that next prospectus. Because they choose to.

Welcome to Twitter 2016. Welcome to a "publicly traded corporation" that is bleeding users, equity and integrity. And that equals losing money. And that results in layoffs, poor forecasts and declining reputation. Suitors few and far between can play hard ball if you want them to save your sinking ship. Bring back a former CEO and founder for a king's ransom but don't give him the same powers he once held. Make him the poster boy for the arbitrary, knee-jerk, illogical, unrepentant, subservient corporate mess it has become. Because they can.

Twitter's "terms of service" and "rules" are whatever Twitter decides at any given time and circumstance. Because they said so. Don't like it? Fine, you're outta here. On November 1, Twitter made an arbitrary decision to suspend the accounts canadianglen, TheViewUpHere and mmmliveonthe5. Their "cause for action" does not follow what they purport to enforce. It was nothing more than political and social censorship and extortion of accounts that someone or something doesn't agree with. Because they could.

Let's look at the non-existent case made by Twitter for these actions and ask why then isn't it happening about 100,000 times a day. Let's ask why consistency doesn't exist in their corporate glossary.