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The Emperor Is Dead, Long Live....The Emperor?

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Fifty-one weeks ago, Canadians said they'd had enough of Emperor Harper and his low-information, low-transparency, low-respect, low-results, high-rhetoric, high-demagoguery, high-hypocrisy, high-fear factor method of what he called governance. Sunny ways were here, friends. Canada would be elevated to where it belonged. Before the official handover of power even happened, we were showered with more information from Privy Council than the CPC had provided in nine years. Ministers now had their marching orders and stuff was gonna happen. And we knew what it was they were tasked with doing. This show devoted four hours to going over the Ministerial Letters, the new shining path. For a reason now apparent.

Where the Harper regime employed spin with a take it and lump it attitude, the new regime delivers it with smiles and pretty backdrops. Even the media is seeing only superficial differences, as Global TV Ottawa bureau chief Vassy Kapelos will tell us via taped interview.

Well, we're waiting. So many big issues would be dealt with, we were told. Veterans would be treated with the respect they deserved. Then the Trudeau government used the exact same line in court as the CPC to deny a return to the pension system. The temporary foreign worker flood would be stopped. Except now it likely will not be. First Nations would enter a new era of enablement and co-operation. Oh wait, that is now 'unworkable' apparently. The Paris COP21 deal would preserve our environment. With the approval of a 'Carbon Bomb'. Labour would regain the respect they deserve. Maybe, at some point. The sale of billions in arms to a repressive monarchy would be examined. Oh, we couldn't stop it. Well, we could but we won't. All the while that albatross of anti-freedom legislation, C-51, stays on the books and in use despite the pledge to 'remove the unconstitutional parts'. When? Who knows.

The honeymoon is so over, Canada.