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Lies, more lies, an election marathon and Canadians footing most of the bill

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Lies. The products for sale in politics. Every level, every time. But nothing beats the Federal arena. There was a time when this current government sang the tune of keeping money in taxpayers' wallets. They have delivered mostly to those who were already doing alright. The income gap has never been wider in Canada. Basically, spend money to save money. We know who that works for.

More lies. To buy your vote. With your money. The "Universal Child Care Benefit" was hailed by the current head shamwow prop as a great social advancement for everyone with children. A deceptive government program that gave with one hand and took back with the other. A government program announced with said shamwow prop in a party logo golf shirt. Gone are the tax credits which reduced taxable income. In comes income to be taxed. Many studies show it to be a losing proposition for the majority of families.

Election marathon. Before the C-23 "Fair" Elections Act, party spending was limited to a maximum regardless of the length of the writ period. That is gone. Now we have a formula to calculate maximums beyond the 37 day standard. This benefits the party in power without a doubt. The more you can out-fundraise your opponents, the longer the writ, the more you can spend for better or worse. Remember the "In and Out" scandal that the CPC plead guilty to in the 2006 election? That's all legal now. More accurately, it's not within the rules anymore.

Footing the bill. The "Fair" Elections Act allows for parties to be reimbursed 50% of eligible expenses, candidates for 60% of eligible expenses. Elections Canada will now have to double their operating costs for the writ period. Who will end up paying? Taxpayers. The blame for all lays squarely in front of the Emperor, as usual from a personality cult party.