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The View Up Here asks is it byelections or whyelections?

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On Monday, November 17th, two Federal byelections were held. One in Alberta, one bordering the GTA. The net result is two more compliant backbench seals for Emperor. Despite the chest puffing self congratulations that the Corporate Pacification Committee has been pouring out, there are some interesting developments happening in Canada. And also some things not happening, unfortunately.

Despite these new MP's victories, they may not be able to get used to their new digs for too long. At the most, they have 11 months to represent in Parliament. Depending on the fairy tales that the PMO can come up with, we could be heading to the polls across the country in a matter of a few months. We know the political machines will be ready, as much as they can be. But what about us? Do the byelection turnout numbers concern you? They should. Does the highly scripted, highly regimented "campaign" method of doing business make you curious or suspicious? It should.

All callers with complaints of voting irregularities, illegal campaign signage, parachuted candidates, or anything else that doesn't exactly smell right are encouraged to share their experiences. The rest of us need to know what to watch for. Call-in lines will be open all show long. Join us!