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The View Up Here looks at the View From Down There with @Subscatter

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We have had much discourse lately on the show about how severely things have changed in Canada under Emperor Harper. Big things. Little things. The seemingly millions of almost imperceptible things until it's too late to save them. No matter what you look at - polling, surveys, talk radio - the satisfaction of such endeavors sits in a narrow minority, decreasing all the time it seems.

Canadians know what is disappearing. And with the physical and symbolic disappearance of so much of what was once part of Canada, so disappears part of our identity. So what does this deterioration look like to people who don't live in Canada? What do our neighbours remember about Canada and what do they see now? Do they think it's a good thing? Or is it all too familiar to them? Are there parallels and maybe even lessons to be shared?

The View Up Here welcomes @Subscatter to the show for some sharp perspective on Canada then and Canada now. Being below the 49th parallel, the picture is very very different than the 24/7 Harperstan that Canadians receive. We will find out what the message is that comes through from the Corporate Pacification Committee outside of Canada's borders.

This show has been fortunate enough to entice listeners from the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Netherlands, and many other nations. I encourage any of them listening to this show live to call in and help us silly Canadians out.