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The View Up Here talks Harper foreign policy with Kyle Farquharson

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There is no area of reputation or esteem that Canada has suffered more from the Harper junta than Foreign Affairs. Canada used to be on the UN Security Council. Canada used to be in the UN Human Rights Commission. Canada used to be known as a peacekeeper nation, a fair broker, an honorable player. Like so many things to Canadians, those days are gone. Emperor being in New York the very day of a major summit at the UN, and he chooses to lunch with corporate elite and drop more information about Canada than he does when in Canada. Minister of Bellowing and Foreign Affairs John Baird addressing the General Assembly's empty chairs. Minister of Unemployment and Multidivision Jason Goering being himself, tweeting manufactured facts. The plain truth is, the world doesn't care what these hacks have to say.

Now we have a chance for Emperor to play the "at war" PM, since he was so disappointed we missed out on Iraq in 2003. Polls having nothing to do with it, of course. The dichotomy of the Harper position on Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China, West Africa, the list goes on. Without even mentioning the "Likud can do no wrong" position from this gang. Where do these decisions lead Canada? And where are the other parties on this?

Kyle Farquharson is an independent journalist, freelance writer, and photographer from Vancouver, B.C., with a master's degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia. He wrote his graduate thesis on the Occupy Wall Street movement, and has a keen interest in social movements, political theory, environmentalism, and international relations. You can follow him on Twitter @kylefarq.

Foreign Affairs has been a subject not delved into on the show adequately. Join Kyle and myself and we will look into the damage done to Canada on the international stage by this rogue administration.