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The View Up Here talks #TPP Trans Pacific Partnership

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What started as a trade agreement between 4 small market nations in the early 21st century has morphed and lurched and disguised itself into the 12 nation (and counting) behemoth that is causing record setting protest, dissent and demands from citizenry and elected officials alike around the Pacific Rim.

The Trans Pacific Partnership promises a new standard for trade agreements. Indeed. Of the 26 chapters in the framework yet to be released to the public, only a scant two have direct relation to international trade in the traditional sense. The other 24 deal with corporate entitlement, copyright terms, patent length, internet governance, environmental laws, personal information sharing and the ever-present tribunal mechanism for corporations to sue Governments secretly. Because laws that limit profit are simply "bad business".

Many things Canadians take for granted will be altered or abandoned altogether if this trojan horse is allowed inside the walls as it is now. As far as anyone can tell, that is. The secrecy surrounding these marathon negotiations are unlike anything ever seen before. Wikileaks having posted the only known leaked portions of the deal, there is no way to even know what the current text is. Apparently, the billions of people involved have no need to know. No better example than the Harper junta changing venue from Vancouver to Ottawa to avoid demonstrations. Nothing to hide here, move along.

David Christopher of OpenMedia.ca will join me to try and decipher what this monster of a treaty will do to the signatory nations, specifically Canada. Who wins and who loses. So called "free" trade has never delivered on its promises despite the spin from industries and governments alike.

Join us, listen, contribute in the chat room, or call in and share your opinions. Let's expand the view up here.