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Let's talk about Canadian politics. Not the spin, not the talking points, not the partisan bluster. Let's talk about the reality of this "democracy"

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The View Up Here looks at the avalanche of Federal laws from Emperor and the Corporate Pacification Committee (CPC) aimed specifically at First Nations and indirectly at all Canadians as they try the old divide and conquer game once... more

The View Up Here is proud to have noted Canadian author, lawyer and political commentator Stephen Lautens on our airwaves. Mr. Lautens has a great deal of experience in the political arena, in litigation and jurisprudence, in the press... more

What started as a trade agreement between 4 small market nations in the early 21st century has morphed and lurched and disguised itself into the 12 nation (and counting) behemoth that is causing record setting protest, dissent and demands... more

Aren't we Canadians fortunate we have the altruistic benevolence of the Corporate Pacification Committee to look over us? How would we ever survive with out them? Who would protect us from all thoe nasty types out there? Just... more

Ahhh summer. Especially gratifying for us Canadians. No snow. No wind chill. Just humidity, floods, tornadoes, thenderstorms and bullshit politics. We know it, no surprises there. But lets chill out a bit anyway. Lets hear some... more

July 1 has always meant celebrating what Canada is and what it stands for. That is, up until around 2007. Since Emperor stole his "strong, stable majority" it has resembled a Nurmburg rally more than a celebration of things Canadian.... more

Things continue to accelerate for the Corporate Pacification Committee in their efforts to destroy the country for the benefit of their "sponsors" both domestic and global. Over 20 partisan laws are now in effect before the summer recess on... more

The war against Canada and Canadians never stops with Emperor and his lot. Bill C-24 seeks to change the rules on being a Canadian citizen, whether you are one or seek to be. Never before has it been possible for citizenship to be revoked... more

The Government of Emperor has instructed the Government Operations Centre, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Safety (insert Orwellian reference here) to monitor ALL public protests and gatherings of Canadians in the name... more

The most populus province in Canada heads to the polls on June 12th. The Liberals and Kathleen Wynne seek to return to power. The NDP and Andrea Horwath are looking to fill that bill as well. The PCPO and Tim Hudak are also in... more