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Lilith takes flight from Naijas body briefly on camera

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Ken Graves

Ken Graves


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Keisha the leader of the Twenties and Naija were both at the medical clinic.  One of Keisha girls threw something at Naija, who was quick and avoided injury.  A fight broke out between each of their followers,  Security cameras showed yellow spirit-like substances leave Keisha and disappear through the ceiling vent, revealing she also had a double damaged soul possessing her but it took flight.  Naija was seen with a strong yellow light around her, but it quickly returned into Naija's body.  With all the action on camera, there would be many questions about the spirit-like yellow vapor from both Keisha, and especially Naija, who was now the full manifestation of Lilith the immortal. 

Bored at the Womens' jail, Lilith goes on to find Geneva, brooding, needing a maternal kindred lover spirit. Thoroughly merged with her host body, Naija, Lilith had grown impatient and lusted finding Geneva in Manhattan.   Lilith was the mother of all succubae.  Geneva was ripe, as was Lilith, strengthened by the legion of ready bodies sleeping in the Women's jail when Najia slept. The night Geneva was seduced by Lilith the lust was abound.   Geneva too would change, becoming more seductive, more irresistible.  Such was the power of Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam, who tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the fruit while she (Lilith) retained her immortality.  Rumored for thousands of years, this immortal comes back to the modern day through the body of a reformed street girl.  Battle for Riker's Island Series Book 1.