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Called of Christ Ministries was founded as a means of answering questions to difficult questions that seekers usually have regarding the Christian faith. The show's host (Michael) is a former atheist who, after giving his life to Christ in 2001, embarked on a journey to find the answers he needed in order to place his faith in Christ. He uses this blog talk radio show, website, and newsletter as a means for sharing those answers that he believes he has found. Join us for our "Pastor and a Skeptic" show where Michael plays devil's advocate and poses questions that all believers should have answers for. Please visit our website www.CalledOfChrist.org or e-mail us at info@CalledOfChrist.org.

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Testimony Of My Walk From Atheism to Christ. The Two Views Of Atheism. Two Things To Remember About Science. Reasons Why We Can Trust God. (Sermon given on Sunday, May 16, 2010 to Korean youth group of the Madison Avenue... more

Why should you believe that Jesus actually was raised from the dead? Is there any logical response to this question? What are the main arguments against the resurrection of Jesus and do they hold water?

Here is what we will debate tonight: 1. Catholics. Are they all going to hell? 2. Salvation - Why it is the real theme and how it debunks the "All Roads Lead to God" theory. Call in LIVE during show time with your questions and... more

I will debate with special guest Auludyn Greywolfe important questions such as: 1. If God exists, why did He create evil? 2. Does Free Will make any sense? 3. Why did God create us in the first place? 4. Why not believe that all... more

Is it reasonable to believe that there is only one religion or faith that truly leads to God? What will happen to those people who never hear about the "right" religion? Is it reasonable to state that the followers of one faith will be correct while the... more

What are the different reasons why individuals select to believe or not believe in a living God? Does our environment or biology affect the decision? Is it possible to categorize believers and non-believers into certain categories? Does the... more

Why isn't the bible clear enough to prove beyond any doubt that the God of the Bible exists and that the Christian message is true? Tonight I will both read from and comment upon an article titled "Why Isn't the Evidence Clearer?" by... more

Is evolution an absolute fact or are there scientific arguments against evolution? Why are these arguments never explored in science textbooks and by the scientific community? Is it possible that evolution is an accepted truth only... more

What is Proposition 8 and why conservative Christians be in favor or against it? What does the bible say about same-sex marriages and homosexuality? Should Christians focus more on fixing heterosexual relationships instead of fighting... more