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Jeff Harman Astrologer

  • Broadcast in Paranormal



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Jeff Harman uses astrology and other ancient arts to diagnose and clear people and properties of ghosts, demonic entities and various paranormal phenomena. He has 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual consultant and draws from his client files.

Harman will discuss the various techniques he uses, which include remedial measures from the Vedantic and Kabbalistic traditions. He also employs the ancient arts of numerological and angelic squares, accompanied with secret ciphers and codes from the Bible and other scriptures in Hebrew, Aramaic and Sanskrit.  He relies heavily on Interrogation Astrology, used to assess entity attachment to places, people and things and determine how to resolve the situation.

With 40 years experience as an astrologer, Jeff Harman has researched many cases of paranormal incidents and has found astrological conditions that indicate windows of vulnerability to such attacks.  These include famous cases and client cases.

Harman examines each paranormal event in several ways. Besides analyzing the chart of the event, he considers the chart of the person involved, particularly their transits, progressions, and, from Vedic Astrology, their dasha cycles at the time of the event. 

Harman will discuss the Travis Walton abduction in Arizona, Whitley Strieber’s first abduction at his New York cabin, the first recorded animal mutilation of “Snippy the Horse” in Colorado, and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in New Hampshire. He will advise listeners regarding possible astrological vulnerabilities in their natal charts, transits and progressions, and he will suggest methods of discernment and protection. Harman will discuss his success using various clearing methods from different traditions.