Security Today with Caleb Barlow

Security Today with Caleb Barlow

Caleb Barlow

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Information is now the fuel behind business, politics and many aspects of our personal lives. As the world becomes hyper connected and plugged in our reliance on computers means that a security breach, data loss or interruption in service can have real consequences. The “bad guys” are getting smarter, better funded and more creative in their attempts to bypass cybersecurity defenses. In a world approaching 1 trillion connected devices the challenge is daunting – we need to stay out in front of the IT security risks that affect our systems and we need to find every potential weakness we can – the hackers only need to find one way in. Hosted by Caleb Barlow, Director of Application, Data and Mobile Security at IBM, this podcast focuses on the changing landscape of Information Security and features topics for both business executives and security professionals. This podcast is a member of the network.

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In this podcast Caleb talks with Diana Kelley and Doug Wilson, two experts in the field of application security to discuss how software testing is rapidly maturing to risk based application security approach. We will introduce a new... more
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Caleb Barlow

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Caleb Barlow

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