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Information is now the fuel behind business, politics and many aspects of our personal lives. As the world becomes hyper connected and plugged in our reliance on computers means that a security breach, data loss or interruption in service can have real consequences. The “bad guys” are getting smarter, better funded and more creative in their attempts to bypass cybersecurity defenses. In a world approaching 1 trillion connected devices the challenge is daunting – we need to stay out in front of the IT security risks that affect our systems and we need to find every potential weakness we can – the hackers only need to find one way in. Hosted by Caleb Barlow, Director of Application, Data and Mobile Security at IBM, this podcast focuses on the changing landscape of Information Security and features topics for both business executives and security professionals. This podcast is a member of the network.

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The electric grid is one of man's oldest and largest machines, and while it's beginning to show it's age in some ways, it's also being modernized with sensors and advanced communications technologies at a rapid pace. In the wake of... more

On the hunt for interesting innovations Caleb Barlow walks thru the AGC Partners Investor Conference and the first day of the RSA Security Conference live from San Francisco California. Also learn about the latest news on IBM AppScan 8.7... more

Going to Pulse in Las Vegas March 3-6? Here's a preview of all the Security focused sessions from the actual presenters and product managers in the "Pulse Protect" track. If you are going to Pulse this is an opportunity to build your... more

IBM Raises its Internet Threat Level to AlertCon 2 In what could arguably be just about the worse time of year for such a discovery, Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a zero day vulnerability that affects Internet Explorer versions 6, 7,... more

The holiday season is also the high season for computer crime. Don't get ?scrooged? while making your on-line purchases, surfing the web and connecting with friends on-line this holiday. In this podcast Jack, Caleb and Vijay give you... more

This week, IBM released its 2012 Tech Trends Report Survey, along with the alarming finding that only 1 in 10 organizations currently possess the skills needed to effectively apply advanced technologies, including business... more

The threat landscape is getting more sophisticated with sponsored cyber hackers using synchronized attacks across multiple vectors, like Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). The business demand for Mobility, Cloud and BigData creates... more

Caleb talks with Joe DiPietro about practical security controls for databases and big data environments. The following aspects of security and compliance will be covered: - what to monitor - how to discover sensitive information - validating... more

In this podcast Caleb talks with mobile security guru Vijay Dheap about how to take a holistic approach to deploying mobile security solutions that safeguard the operational priorities of the business.

As more organizations consider embracing cloud, whether its designing a new cloud service, deploying data and workloads to the cloud, or consuming information from cloud-based services, a holistic view of security and a strong... more