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Rosangel Perez

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Join Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten on Cafecito Break for an awakening empowering conversation rooted in truth, love, wisdom, and sisterhood. Produced by The Perez Sisters NYC. For show ideas or show suggestions, please email us at contact@cafecitobreak.com. Learn more | www.cafecitobreak.com/

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Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten invite you for a live Cafecito Break chat. Our topic today, dealing with nay sayers. What is a nay sayer you say? From Urban Dictionary - Read one of our favorite definitions... ;-) naysayer One who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty, make frequent one-way trips to negative town, and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation. They have the capacity to rant and whine for hours on end about the most insignificant inconveniences. They tend to travel solo, but have the keen ability to spread their pessimistic attitude to a group of unsuspecting bystanders and encourage others to employ their mindset. Naysayers tend to blend in with those around them rather well, granted they have learned over the years to adapt to their surroundings. However, when the opportunity arises, their true nature will be exposed and they will stop at nothing to exclude others or bring a general sense of negativity to any situation. Not to be confused with non-naysayers who fight against the negativity brought forth by naysayers, make the best of a situation and are not afraid to call out a naysayer on the spot. by non naysayer Learn more | cafecitobreak.com
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Our topic today... Tips for staying cool when you are feeling heated. ;-) Join Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten for a Cafecito Break Chat rooted in love, sisterhood, wisdom, and awakening truths. Learn more | cafecitobreak.com

Our topic today: Reclaiming Wild Woman with Sacred Warrior Vanessa Chakour About: Vanessa has been cultivating her multi-dimensional approach as a teacher, artist, athlete and trainer for over 15 years. After a series of physical issues at a... more

Welcome to our Virtual Living Room Space with your hosts Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten. Our topic today - The Importance of Marriage Equality for Same Sex Couples with James Governale, Founder and Creator of High... more

Welcome to Cafecito Break's Virtual Livingroom Space with your hosts Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten. Our Topic Today: Why They Don't Want You Taking Technology Breaks

Welcome to our Virtual Living Room Space with your hosts Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten. Today on Cafecito we talk to Founder & CEO of CeleBritAy of New York - Liz Santiago. Our topic - Tips for Healthier Looking Skin. Elizabeth... more

Welcome to Cafecito Break's virtual living room with your hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten. Today we have the pleasure of speaking about living a less cluttered life. Rosangel and Ruthie share some powerful examples about... more

Welcome to Cafecito Break's virtual livingroom space with your hosts La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez and Holistic Health Engineer, Ruthie Guten. In this show we will share some Cafecito News Stories on the subjects of our rights,... more

Welcome to our Virtual Livingroom space. Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten of Cafecito Break speak to Special Guest Astrologer and Healer, Laurelle Rethke of Five Sense Healing. Our topic today: How Crystals & Essential Oils... more

Our topic today: When All Doors Close, What do you do? How do you get back up? How can you create an opportunity that doesn't seem to exist? Join us for a very special interview with Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life Radio on... more
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