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The Con Artist Entertainment Network Presents: // Mondays at 9 PM EST - #DeathToFanboys: The Podcast // Tuesdays at 8 PM EST - Vodka and Video Games // Saturdays at 8 PM EST - The TeleVillains // As well as Beard Salad, Radio Ulna, and a few new shows coming to the Network soon.

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Swing your headphones round and round One more show, another round Time for the next one, ?It's going down? Call 657-21-SALAD (2523) and leave us a message to be played on the show!

Who even needs Craycroft? Not us, I say He graduated college, and is now on vacation. Yay. But hark! What titties doth bound into here? ‘TIS JOY, Maynard's Wife, whom he holds truly dear So Cobble and Maynard hold it down... more

HOWDY BLOG TALK LISTENERS! Religion is a dicey proposition. Titans collide on this episode here But whilst ye listen, please don't ye fear For due to our nature, the topic moves on I think we eventually mention our dongs Our standard... more

What the are we even talking about on this bullshit: SOMEONE FROM THE PRISON PLANET OF AUSTRALIA GAVE US FIVE DOLLARS! THANK YOU, JOEY CADDICK Were white people descended from aliens? Bill Nye Vs Shitty... more

Dale and Luke talk what they've been playing, video game news and show some love for one of the most beloved game franchises in video game history, Castlevania.

Luke and Dale discuss the latest in gaming news, what they've been playing and try to stump each other with gaming trivia.

Hey kids! This week's mix is brought to you by the letter "?" because I just learned what this letter is -- it's called a schwa! Contemplate that bit of knowledge while you treat your ears to some of the latest stuff I've been able to scrape together.... more

Hey kids, Antonius Block here with another installment of RADIO ULNA! This week's mix is brought to you by the letter "π" because there are a bunch noisy Greeks outside my door. Also, on a personal note, October has been a... more

Dale and Luke are live talking about what they're playing, the latest video game news, and more! It's episode 49 of VODKA & VIDEO GAMES, heard exclusively on the Con Artist Entertainment Network!

Martin and Shawn are live with an all-new episode of the Con Artist Podcast! This week, they're joined by their pal, 'The Wellkeeper' creator Derrick Fish, to talk about their appearance at Heroes Haven's Halloween event this past... more
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