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MEET BIAFRA ETHNIC NATIONS (The day we promote Biafra culture and language)

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A lot of damages has been done on our cultural heritage, our way of life have deeply been altered, our languages are at the verge of total extinction and the wall of false identity hanged upon us to carry as defeated people, colonized people and enslaved people. Biafra ethnic Nationality has been given different names to cause a huge of identity and interactive demarcation have separated Biafra people from their kinsmen calling some South-East and some South-South while some are in North central.

Ibos (Igbo speaking Biafrans), Ijaws (speaking Kalabari, Edoid, Izon language etc) others includes:  Ibibio-Efiks and Ogojas, and this Great Nation has been coexisting thousands of years ago as Biafra people many centuries before losing her sovereignty to colonial powers before being balkanized into various countries like Guanine Bissau, Kamerun, etc, the Archaeological evidence and African Ancient map stands as a proof that Biafra people are a nation and are Indigenous people.

Today 09/07/2014 Highlight

How is justice being maintain traditionally in your Biafra ethnic Nationality?

Does your culture and tradition as a Biafran encourage community service?

How well do your children speak your Indigenous Biafran language?


To what extent can your language, culture and traditions as Biafra ethnic nation add value to the anticipated Independent Biafra Nation?