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**BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO** Tuesday's 3:30 p.m.Remember when we were small and told to sit in the corner as a form of punishment? TODAY BEING in the KORNER is an entirely different experience! You can come and stay, sit for awhile, pass through, whatever you choose! Although do KNOW that by joining B.K.OF LOVE RADIO you are in for an uplifting, motivating, inspiring talk on how YOU can change your vibrations with life! Great Guests, wonderful meditations, and powerful affirmations, and so much more...

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BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO will be speaking on SELF APPRECIATION! Angels I AM moving through a transformation and part of that is change! Change within SELF! I will be sharing with you my experience, tips and tools that you can begin using today to APPRECIATE SELF! As well as a relaxing meditation, Inspiring Affirmations, and more all right here Tuesday Sept. 1 @3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST right here @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love How well do you APPRECIATE yourself? KNOWING there is only One how important is it to you? You are WORTH IT! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO bringing people back to themselves
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When I speak of LISTENING what I AM speaking of is YOU LISTENING to your Spirit. Adhearing Clearlyto what Spirit is speaking through you or speakingwith you regardiing the Pit falls of life. Take a listen as I share with you me forgiving... more

Angels this is the time that EXPANSION is occurring! Within Business. Governments, States, and Cities! Also, within each and every persons personal life that is on this planet! Are you aware of that? How does that make you... more

Angels this week we have a very special episode. Healer, Channeler & Medium Johnny Garcia will be with BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO. Johnny will share with us Artwork called The Soul's Journey and how his art represents... more

We as a Society are taught that having $ is a bad thing. That $ is the root of all evil, and yet that is NOT true! It says that the LOVE of $ is the root of all evil! Not having it. And Angels we as a collective society have a very warped way of... more

How OPEN is your mind? I KNOW for me I will say I have an OPEN MIND and then when something outside of what I'm used to occurrs I really see how OPEN my MIND is. I AM remembering daily that ALL is GOD and whatever... more

Are you CONSCIOUS? Are you awake, aware, and alert to the patterns that you have created in your life? For me, I AM waking up more and more the more I allow myself to let go, trust, fall into, and lean on God, Spirit, Life, whatever you... more

When you hear or see the word HEAVEN what comes to your mind? Is it a place in the sky where you feel Souls float, do you believe that HEAVEN is in the clouds? Plain and simple HEAVEN I believe, is a state of mind, is an inner... more

Angels, the shift that has occurred and is still occurring is one of great implications! I believe that WE as a human family has changed. Some of us are Conscious of it, and some are not! I also beleive that those of us who are will... more

Are you BALANCED in your life? Do you feel that you could use more BALANCE in specific area's? Take a listen to this short podcast and let it help YOU move forward! Great Affirmations to get you started, and prime examples of how you... more

When you hear or see the word FORGIVENESS how do you feel? Are you willing to FORGIVE yourself or others in your life for what YOU feel wasn't correct? Angels, one thing I have come to remember is that FORGIVENESS only... more
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