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**BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO** Tuesday's 3:30 p.m.Remember when we were small and told to sit in the corner as a form of punishment? TODAY BEING in the KORNER is an entirely different experience! You can come and stay, sit for awhile, pass through, whatever you choose! Although do KNOW that by joining B.K.OF LOVE RADIO you are in for an uplifting, motivating, inspiring talk on how YOU can change your vibrations with life! Great Guests, wonderful meditations, and powerful affirmations, and so much more...

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Join us Angels for a wonderful conversation with Rhonda Chakin as we discuss SPIRIT ANIMALS! That's right, SPIRIT ANIMALS. We will be talking about how Animals have Spirits, their karmic debts that they may be working off, and more. This is going to be a wonderful conversation Angels about how animals have Spirits and work with us Humans,so it is no coincindence if you have Pets! Receive the BUZZWORD OF THE DAY Tuesday Oct. 13th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST right here ! Click on B.K. Podcasts Call into our show (646)595-3594 or join our Chat Room! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO bringing people back to themselves
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DOUBT Angels, that is THE BUZZWORD OF THE DAY! How much DOUBT do you carry in your life about anything? Take a listen to this empowering chat that can help you recognize that energy! Using myself as an example I will... more

Angels, GUILT serves No One! Yet we as a human family carry a lot of it around. Join me for a short chat on GUILT, what I AMchoosing to do with the GUILT that I have carried. Along with empowering affirmations, and... more

Angels I have come to KNOW that ACCEPTANCE is what makes Life easier, more fun, and alot less stressful! Join me as I share with you my experiences of ACCEPTANCE over my Birthday Weekend which in turn affected me and my... more

Angels, it is my Birthday Weekend and I will be CELEBRATING all weekend long! Are you able to CELEBRATE your joy with happiness and freedom? Join me for a short listen on to how and why I AM choosing to CELEBRATE myself and that... more

Angels, take a listen to the BUZZWORD OF THE DAY and you tell me if we are responsible for someone else, When do we as Humans become RESPONSIBLE for the whole? Are we just RESPONSIBLE for the welfare of Childern only ,... more

Angels this is my Birthday Week and I AM honoring ALL Libras! We will have a wonderful meditation, information on Libra Qualities and Spiritual Opportunities, along with affirmations that you can start using to see positive changes in your... more

We are worthy and deserving to RECEIVE.......do you believe that? RECEIVE ALL GOOD THINGS that this Universe has to offer! Take a listen to this short podcast and put yourself in a position to RECEIVE, RECEIVE, RECEIVE,... more

Angels ANTAGANISTIC......BUZZWORD OF THE DAY. That Energy does not serve us! It may make us "FEEL" superior at the time that we are behaving that way and yet when it is all said and done, IT DOES NOT WORK! Join me for the... more

For All Is Truly Here! that is what FAITH means to me, and Angels I believe it is getting yourself lined up with what Spirit already has for you the easier it will flow into your life! FAITH is our energy at work! FAITH is our beleif that... more

The only way we are ever to move forward and have new, loving, refreshing experiences Angels is if we are will to look at where we may be BEING DISHONEST with ourselves. KNOWING that there is only 1 you may say well... more
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