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This show was created to allow open discussions regarding issues that create captivity and bondage in ones life. It is to empower all who are "Dying To Live" and to promote Transformation through self-awareness in order to promote self-respect and love. What's Holding You Back?

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How well do you know the laws of your city and state? When was the last time you read your company handbook? Does your pastor preach the whole bible? Has your partner told you everything you need to know about them? Join us Monday, August 18, 2014, 8 p.m. CST on the Butterfly Evolution Show as we point out rights, scriptures, and much more you probably have never even heard of or didn't know existed. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws or allowing others to get away with breaking them. "People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge."
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Prepare to join BUTTERFLY EVOLUTION and SUBLIMINAL THOUGHT on Saturday April 27 at 8 PM CST. THE MEMPHIS ROUND TABLE'S focus is to educate and promote awareness to issues that generate division, bondage and... more

DISTRACTIONS... Don't let the world take your life over, but let your ?LIFE? take your world over. DISTRACTIONS can convert our attention and leave one feeling emotionally depleted. DISTRACTIONS can cause one to give up on dreams,... more

TYLER PERRY - TEMPTATION – Butterfly Evolution welcomes Andre Curry to discuss his recent article expressing his opinion of the imagery movies such as TYLER PERRY'S ?TEMPTATION? have on society. Highlights... more

Butterfly Evolution celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. - I HAVE A DREAM! CELEBRATE HIS LEGACY BY EMBRACING LIFE.. EMANCIPATE YOURSELF!

Lorie Hardy, is CEO/Founder of Empowerment4life, an organization focusing on the four main aspects of life; finance, health, employment and love, with an emphasis on love. Blessed with a genuine love for humanity, a positive outlook... more

Butterfly Evolution goes live with part two of ENTERTAINMENT NIGHT. SQWEEKEY MOBILE NETWORK'S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Moses Smalley is set to return to the show, many of you tuned in to part one but... more

Author Aaron T Jordan, JR. will join Butterfly Evolution to converse about the March 31, 2013 release of "The Power Within, A Woman's Worth: From Both Sexes" it is not written to just be the next BIG relationship book; instead, it is... more

Butterfly Evolution and Subliminal Thought have joined and formed The Memphis Round Table, an organization focused on uniting the Memphis Community. We do so through educating and promoting awareness to issues affecting... more

ATTENTION ALL UP AND COMING MUSICIANS, MODELS, ARTIST, & SONGWRITERS! Known as the man who discovered Grammy award winner Usher! AJ ALEXANDER knows the entertainment industry better than just about... more

WOMAN 2 WOMAN... Do you feel women are supportive of one another or do we unfairly pre-judge each other? Do most women feel they have to consistently compete with each other in order to be successful? Do most women feel they... more
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