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Butterfly Evolution

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This show was created to allow open discussions regarding issues that create captivity and bondage in ones life. It is to empower all who are "Dying To Live" and to promote Transformation through self-awareness in order to promote self-respect and love. What's Holding You Back?

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We constantly encourage our listeners to move their trash can to a new location within the home and monitor or log how many times he/she returns to the old location. This is to allow you in to the world of HABITS. While participating in... more

Are there people in your life that no matter how much you attempt to keep the peace, it seems that nothing is ever right and there is no satisfying them? Difficult People are becoming more established in today's society and are multiplying.... more

?WEARY OF THE DATING SCENE? Maybe you have been in several relationships but for some unknown reason you just can't seem to close the deal… Dating often begins with all the correct words, actions and... more

Erica A. Murray, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana is an entrepreneur, mentor, educator, public speaker and the Author of "CEO TO THE POWER OF YOU" For the past 19 years she has worked diligently consummating many business... more

Attacks on the Mind! In spite of the daily reading of the word, quick and pleading prayers, motivating face book postings and yes attending Church regularly, the lives of many remain in a state of unhappiness and inconsistencies. Confusion,... more

WE open our heart and mind and begin to share life with someone. WOW, Love begins amazingly. People have no problem falling in love but maintaining that love and the chance of it enduring the test of time is not likely. Initially people... more

Grumbling and Complaining Complaining is ADDICTIVE - The more you DO IT; the more IT becomes a deep-rooted habit. If you don't believe it TAKE THE TEST! Count how many times you complain in a day, rather it is from any of the... more

THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE! Truth is being in one accord with fact or reality but is the highest form of reality. The truth is associated with our words, the words that we speak and do not speak. SEEK THE TRUTH and it shall set YOU... more

Crab mentality, describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead, they grab at... more

Typically, if something is broken that we need or would like to keep, we will work and do all that is within our power to repair it. SO, why do we attempt to maneuver through life with A BROKEN HEART? God will mend a Broken Heart... more
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