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Host Tammy Gaitor & Rodney Jordan created Butterfly Evolution to allow open discussions regarding issues that create captivity and bondage in ones life. It is to empower all who are "Dying To Live" and to promote Transformation through self-awareness in order to promote self-respect and love. What's Holding You Back?

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OPEN MIC DISCUSSION Join Butterfly Evolution Host Tammy Gaitor and Rodney Jordan for Open Discussion Night. Let's Talk About IT TONIGHT! Rodney and I will release our thoughts to you tonight. We will share a few of the things that... more

A week ago an empowering event took place in Memphis TN. Four powerful Men came together to empower WOMEN In MEMPHIS. In attendance were, Aaron Jordan, ?Know Your Worth Movement? - Anthony D. Collins, ?Life Is... more

An old co-worker had a saying… He would speak in an asking way…. Pimpin wearing you or you wearing the pimpin Tammy… For some reason I took a liking to my co-worker's saying. It was much about his timing as... more

Many are asleep to the discrimination that takes place in the African American culture. No this is not about the feelings of other races towards Blacks, however, it is about Black on Black Racism. It is time we discuss the hatred one has for... more

?Happy Father's Day To All The Real Fathers? was a popular posting this year and perhaps every year prior; however, this year I felt some kind of way about the negativity on social media and what I see as much blame and responsibility... more

The Good News! Join Rodney Jordan and Tammy Gaitor on Butterfly Evolution Tuesday June 10 at 8 pm CST. This night will be about promoting the news that we don't hear enough of. Many of our young adults are doing positive... more

Women place much focus on getting or simply having a man in their life and will do anything and accept everything in order to be labeled as ?HAVING A MAN? or simply to be able to say "My Husband" Join Butterfly Evolution in... more

We all from time to time may get in or feel like we are stuck in a rut. This becomes an issue when it is a permanent condition or a way of life. The sad reality is most people are Stuck In A Rut! Join Butterfly Evolution in this... more

From rec league to college and the pros, dating back to players like Dexter Manley, who cares if you can read as long as your school or team can make millions and billions of dollars off of you? Maybe the athletes who can't read... more

Sarah Wiles, a teacher from Charlotte-Mecklenberg Public Schools, wrote these words... "I am embarrassed to confess that I am a teacher! This was the title of an email sent by a high school science teacher in Mecklenberg County to the... more
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