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Not just another abuse radio program!!! Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio, a community outreach broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. We are a not-for-profit foundation here to help victims, survivors, families and communities who are dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence and/or trafficking. Healing the past, empowering the future, providing education to end the taught tolerance & silence about these acts, especially within our family unit. Our foundation & radio shows are hosted by an incredible team of experts, mental health support, and trained advocates who are here to provide recovery steps & educational information to empower you to be the beginning of change within your community, or within your family. We strive to bring you upbeat & real conversations about the topics of injustice around the world, as well as incredible voices who know the journey. We focus on a wide range of topics surrounding all forms of abuse, violence, and trafficking, while building help and hope for coping in the aftermath. We are a 'FEATURED' broadcast on the blog talk network with a team that strives to bring you the very best upbeat & real conversations.Join in w/ Trish live every Monday & Wednesday evening beginning at 9pm eastern time. Watch for our special programming shows throughout the month and join in the chatter with our awesome team of Butterfly Helpers. Making conversations real and empowering our teens to believe in a life without these evil actions. Creating Resolution4Change2014 Connecting hearts & holding hands around the world for a better, safer, world tomorrow.

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Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio & Abuse Recovery is happy to welcome you to Survivors World. A safe place for both men and women who know the pan of mankind's darkest actions. We are a broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams... more
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Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio is happy to welcome you to Survivors World. Tonight we speak with author of the novel 'Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid' the story of a child's fight for survival in the insanity of family abuse, Mr. Tremayne Moore.... more

Survivors World discusses the difficult issues of living with a Narcissist. Tonight Faith McDaniels, along with Trish, will be discussing the emotional trials of living & loving a narcissistic personality. Our show begins at 9pm eastern and we will be... more

Join us in SURVIVORS WORLD as we discuss "Passing the Torch and Mentoring" and how coming together has helped survivors find their voice and reach out to others in the ongoing campaign to raise awareness during April's... more

In this episode of Real Talk with Rachel, I will be speaking with author Jori Nunes. Her novel, Chocolate Flowers, is a disturbing tell-all saga that is based on true actual events. Reading the story will make you cry and not want to put the book... more

Tonight in SURVIVORS WORLD, please join Guest Host Butterfly Helper and Sexual Abuse Survivor, writer, and advocate Faith McDaniel for the discussion: HOW WE CAN ALL HELP. You may remember Faith when she was a guest as... more

It is a huge pleasure everyone to kick off our April Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness Programming with a special interview with one of the newest up and coming artist, Singer/Songwriter Anthony Mossburg!!! Anthony's... more

Tonight it is a great pleasure to welcome Children's Author, Ms. Julie Federico M.A. with her award winning children's books; aimed at teaching a child knowledge of their body and also safety in their personal life. It's never to early... more

Tonight is a special broadcast as we acknowledge VICTIMS OF ALL CRIMES!! Join me live at 9pm eastern/8pm central/7pm mountain/6pm pacific time. Be sure to prepare yourself to hear about the many different types of crimes and... more

Short PSA from Kristen Eng, Coordinator for Rescue & Restore Southwestern Illinois District, National Crime Victims Week.